Condemned to Wander

1. Over Emerald Frost

Wandering through the old woods
in the domain of eternal silence
in the gloomy moonlight
A grey blanket covers the gates to a distant world.

Sacrifice of the soul in the name of the dark devilish shadows draw waves
In the cold fog raging demons announcing a funeral night.

Flight to the reign of destiny riding in an icy windstorm
toe the edge of eternity where the light never shines in a space shrouded
in mystery.

Decrepit trees and cursed shadows in the majesty of the night
Boundless forests are the temple of my soul
While the spirit is devoured by the cold soil of the earth

I entrust my spirit into death’s and follow the storms
from the north as darkness falls for the last time in the majestic frozen forest.

2. The Burial Mound

Distant dreams summon the battle
The spirits of the ancestors bewitched by forged steel dance to the beat of the pagan march.

Between screams of pain and fire invade with courage as the only virtue
The lands of the enemy under the watchful eye of the warlord

Red tongues of fire among the seas of blood
cover the corpses of the devastated town full of tombs of warriors
who fought until the last breath.

Wherever the earth draws blood and looks for new victims
Our shields will crush the enemy
Feeding their corpses to crows and wolves.

When everything ends and death stops my fight
My soul will travel to the black fortress of chaos.

3. Old Icy Tomb

Among the endless mist of the silent forest
my cold spirit ascends in the desolate space towards the old ice bridge of the abyss where all life ends.

Spectres of winter darkness and underground forces lies in the gloom of eternity beyond the withering horizon.

Barbarians engulfed in flames announce the victory of archaic power dancing on the skull graves of defeated enemies.

The moon, the only distant monument of fire
descends into the land of mystery and disappears on the horizon behind the misty mountains in the depths where eternity freezes before the eyes of the eternal enemy.

4. Hlighre

Powerless to use inherited wisdom in a deep agony of the soul
The mystics assumed the sorrows of the world in a land where legends abounded about immortal powers of old times.

Souls condemned to eternally wander into the unknown on nights of eternal desolation while spectres on fire jumped in awe into the mysterious land of permanent internal torture.

Cursed shadows come my way in the majesty of the night like torrents of loathing as the stars hang over the cruel void.

My spirit is watched by the eye of the abyss
and devoured by the cold soil of the earth and the lights that burn in the depths will soon inside my dead eyes.

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