From the Throne of Hate

1. Old

Black sky was burning with the flames of the souls,
winds of destruction whipping the north.
Supreme might of darkness in my wicked soul,
supreme might of darkness in my bloody soul.
A sign in the north, the battle becames,
I will show the doom and hate.

2. Rare Woods

The hills were covered by ice
and forest by mystic darkness,
here comes the darkened winter,
from the depths of desolation.
Over the battlefields, agony...
Over the battlefields, desolation.
Storms of war crossing the mountains,
under a full moon I wander with my wolves.
Raging weeping wild and inside,
deep depression within my mind.

3. My Hatefull End

Walking by the way of destiny,
entering the scene of darkness.
Walking by the path of blood,
entering the scene of hate.
I can listen to the call of the ancestors,
I hear the flesh and blood of my enemies.
They can feel the force of my axe and my bloody chains.

4. Echoes of the Past

5. Upon the Barbarian Woods

In the black night
the peace and silence is broken by demonic hordes
I can hear the suffering.
I can feel the dead.

6. Grimmest Winternights

The sky is burning,
the forest run less at my feel.
The moon rises among the mist,
the age of darkness...

7. The Essence of Hate

The darkness comes as a black cloud of fear.
I come with taste of death, I come with hate.
Ravens, the only guides on my way...
Horns, sounds of war.
Ravens, the only guides on my way...
Storm, whipping the north.
The chains are broken and the soul is unleashed,
the raven of doom.

8. Wicked Shadows

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