A clan of lords, of noble birth
So it is told the Tigurine tribe

Into the green and fruitful land
We came in times, in times immemorial
Into this vale lush and beautiful
Jor and Lacu Eburodunos
Became my home, haven for my very soul
Your planes I walked, on your ground I am

I was free like the raven soaring
Across your meadows like the bear
Roaming through your woods
I was king like the ancient oak
Standing enthroned
This old man I have become

I never thought that I'd once not be laid to rest
In your dear and precious soil as I look back
At the twilight of my days
Upright I stand with my head held high, your son I am
Chieftain of the tigurine
I've lived my life, I've run my race

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