1. Fires in the Dark

"Ór Ymis Holdi
Var jörd of sköpuđ,
En ór sveita sær,
Björg ór beinum,
Bađr ór hausi himinn"

Inseparable walkers - Through the dark
A journey towards the cores
From general to singular

Weary eyes look to the sky
Carrier of the Flame - The emerging morning self

Arisen like an alien dawn
Chords in a life not yet played
Echoes of a past not yet written
Memories drawn from dreams of giants
The ancient gods told us where to go
Mountains told us how to be

The fertile Earth told us who we are
Fields of long gone presence

We will reach the havens
The lesser known, deeper path

Arisen like an alien dawn
Chords in a life not yet played
Echoes of a past not yet written
Memories drawn from dreams of giants
The ancient gods told us where to go
Mountains told us how to be

In the eye of the storm, we were born

We see the fires in the dark

English Translation:

"Sayings of Grimnir
From the body of Ymir
Earth was created
From his blood became Sea
Stone from his bones
Bushes from his hair
And from his skull the Heavens"

2. Jettegryta

The quiet forest
Before man came
A secret time (before time)
Giants’ steps thunder
Upon the mossy ground
Carving a hole
In ageless stone
The Fallen
Barren walls
No escaping this
I’ve come to see
I will not
Found no solace within
My darkened shrine
A quiet pulse
Impossibly far below
The wavelength of gateways
Markings felt deep
Instinctively alert
For the work to be done
Maps to the Abyss
Words dissolved
Voices of eternity
No longer
Out of the dark
Reshaped existence
In the shadow fields

3. Sequence

Genome of the secret being
Residing in the Shadow-half
Hidden words of creation
Sought out by the light-bearer

Eternal whispers
Drops from the Gap
An open hand into the Ether
Peeling Downwards in Holy Layers
Finding the sequence there
It opens it all

A divine phrase buried deep
In cosmic ramblings
Cyclic thought patterns
Backwards bent cold logic

Does not matter
If you're Tail or Mouth
All Serpent - Chasing the end
Chasing the beginning

Blood-drawn walls, quantum songs

Ecstatic dual peaj, dead-stare distants
Animal thirst and Shaman sight
War-moon and atom souls
Finding the sequence here
Opening it all
A keep drawn deep within
The Chaotic lines of History

It is not a secre
Being kept from man
It is a poem dwelling
Within thousand-fold screaming choirs
Scaled down and spoken softly
The sequence unfolds
Utilized for will and power
Kept within our hearts and songs

4. Homebound

When gold blinds
I will see beyond the false torches
The howling will guide us
Walking the plains between worlds

When houses fall
I will be the pillar in the hail
Unmoving, we travel
Crossing oceans in mythological dreams

When the chains are broken
I will watch the sunset of the gods

As we fall, we stand still
Revealing secrets of the past

When it ends
I will know the way to the portal
We shall descend again
Moving in circular infinity

When gold blinds
When houses fall
When the chains are broken
When it ends

5. Útgarðr

Mennesket vert fødd ut or mørkret
Så gløymer ho det
Han vik unna det
Dei lærer å frykta det

Me ber det alle med oss
Djupt der nede under havet av tanklar
Eit uendeleg mørkre
Kor jotnnesteg tordnar i eit omvendt kosmos

Ei reise mot eit heile tek mennesket hit
Så skuggen kan leie, og lysbæraren
Lærer å lytte til det som fødte ho
Så den nyfødte guden kan finne
Eit språk han allereie kjende

Saman stig dei oppatt
Inn i verda; no av ekte lys

Født om att av mørkret

English Translation:

Mankind is born from darkness
Then she forgets it
He shrinks away form it
They learn to fear it

We all carry it within
Deep down below; under the sea of thoughts
A never-ending darkness
Where steps of giants thunder through an inverted cosmos

A journey towards wholeness takes mankind here
So that the shadow may guide,
And the Lightbearer may learn to listen to what gave her birth
So that the newborn god may find a language he already knew

Together they rise again
Into the world; now of true light

Born again from darkness

6. Urjotun

The Primeval
Offspring of passion
Born from illusions of time
Dawn faced in icy waters
Fertilizing dreams of existence
Giving birth, awakening gods
Breeding love, the glorious eye
Blinded by the
cosmic eclipse
From the ether rain of chaos
The mountain rose to power
Behind the shadow of creation
The jester laughed
At the fields of war and pain
Dwells the warlord of disillusion
Mocking the will to live
Strangling lords and kings

7. Flight of Thought and Memory

The mourning Self, center of all
The Conqueror, weeping upon the throne
Seeing all, yet blind to the realm of dreams
Ruling all, yet deaf to the roars from within
A god of war assembling an army
A god of order, trembling in fear

The horse master breaches the branches
Riding as wisdom unfolds
The rune-wielder lurks in the shadows
Riding as the giants behold

A warrior's farewell to armors and spears
A shaman hangs from the gallows pole
Seeing all, close to the edge of reason
Ruling all, on wings above chasms of madness
An eye for the power and glory
An eye for the pain and despair

By the roots far below
The Old One spoke
At the core of the earth
One shall seek
Eyes will be blinded
And truths will emerge
A flight for the thought
A flight for the Memory

"Du runer finn teikna og tydde stavar,
Mykje store stavar, mykje sterke stavar,
Som fimbul-tul farga og høge makter maksla
Og Ragna-ropt skar"

'Veit du å riste dei? Veit du å råde dei?
Veit du å farge dei? Veit du å freiste dei?
Veit du til bøn dei? Veit du til blöt deit?
Veit du å sende dei? Veit du å slakte dei?'

English Translation:

"You find runes drawn and the meaning of staves
Very mighty staves, very strong staves,
Which the Fimbul-tul colored and high powers shaped
And Ragna-ropt carved"

'Do you know how to carve them? Do you know how to council them?
Do you know how to tint them? Do you know how to test them?
Do you know how to summon them? Do you know how to surrender them?
Do you know how to send them? Do you know how to stop them?'

8. Storms of Utgard

Eyes of a stranger behold
Unreal yet home

Hagalaz -Hai

Perched High Above
Sheltered from the storms

Oddly familiar
An implosion of swale

Thurisaz - Thui

Paths through the landscape
Yet to be found

Hagalaz - Hai

Beckons him on
Through darkness and beyond
The long journey home

The Storms of Utgard

Beckons him on
Realms of outer truths
Through the nightside and below
The long journey home

9. Distant Seasons

Two dreams, under the quiet sun
Ended long ago, and just begun

Moments gone eternally
Time is cosmic vanity
Preserved in folded spaces vast
No distance between "if" and past

Now that I am hunting shadows
Know that this is the way I chose
I need the light you spawn
We will live an endless dawn

Moments gone eternally
Time is cosmic vanity
Preserved in folded spaces vast
No distance between "if" and past

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