Still Dreaming

1. Flesh Made Word

Day by day and hour by hour
Usurper of past glories spent
Forgotten gains now long since travelled
By the point now left behind

Inch by inch and yard by yard
A dream within a dream
I feel a touch within the cry
I die in pain

Each moment spent by this obscured light
I fall beneath your gaze
I crumble at your feet
As you tread without a thought

As you tread without a thought
The life I held so dear
I crumble at your feet
I fall beside your eyes

In faith I grasp your voice
A word that is softly spoken
The final piercing cry
The end remains unbroken

In pain I grasp your light
Eternal light that seems
The final deafening cry
The end remains unbroken

Day by day and hour by hour
A dream within the dream
I crumble at your feet
In faith I hold your smile

Inch by inch and yard by yard
I fall beneath your gaze
I feel a touch within the cry
I fall beside your eyes

2. Divine

Divine.... I saw her first through fractured eyes
Companion of flesh and pleasure within
She raped my soul

Through the dark to see the light
Soaring over seas of blood
I hear her laugh as she watches me fall
I am suffering

I want to rise above, to find a deeper love
Where nothing can touch me, nothing can hurt me

She hears my cry and she watches me fall
Menusci of this haemous flow engulfs me
I see what is to be, the one to heal

Crying, I crawl up from my face
Lying without a lie
Dying as she stands before me
Knowing the way


Skin torn from my eyes enables me to see
Enables me to see
I will teach and I will show you
The error of your ways


You die in my arms as the blood spurts and flows
And I watch as you die, but it'll do you bo good now
You lie in my arms as the blood starts to flow
And I watch as you fall, but it'll do you no good now

Feel the suffering, ebb away
Feel the answer, it's mine today

3. The Crawling Chaos

Crawling... darkened shores of raging waters, that live
Silent waves cascade now through empty shadows, that die

I know my fear, as my mind falls
The slow destruction, the crawling....

Chaos, sent by minds of ancient power that still dream
Shadows, twisted streams of dark desire, as my mind dies

I know my fear, as my mind falls
The slow destruction the end of all
Now I feel nothing, senses slip away
Consumed by shadows that dream still

The endless call I hear...
I feel them drawing near...

4. Scarlet Field

Tell me the lies of Heaven
Tell me the lies of Hell
I see my life so twisted
With deception I see my life

My soul is longing for your releasing touch
And time passes slowly, seems to linger so much

Now let me rest in the scarlet field
I only feel in the scarlet field
I only know you are there

Barbed words, so innocent
So close, yet dreams away
Unheard yet deafening
A sense so subtle in its hold

5. Marionette

Insurmountable... the Everest of my soul
Inaccountable.... the twisting of my soul
Definition lost to me, no wrong no right
Now left no clear perspective of my life

Cut my strings and let me dance alone
Cut my strings, I need to dance

Immeasurable... the distance of my soul
Impervious... confused I stand alone
Cut my strings and let me dance alone
Won't you cut my strings, I need to dance

Bring all your colours to me
Unclothed with rapture cut my strings
Swept along on chaos whim
Innocent light, cut my strings

6. The Endless

Alone at last, I feel free as I can be
The darnest hour has passed unhindered and slowly I can see
Loneliness is a word that's without meaning
And the cold temptations of the flesh present themselves to me

Now I live, as you die
This endless love this endless pain
These senseless coils of life
I tear away

Night after night, the endless rise in numbers
To take their place in mortal skies and take them as they slumber

Taste the love, feel the pain
To bring to life what once was nought
And end this mortal fate
I crave you now

I see shadows then I see your face, as you draw so near
The lies behind the smile I see, and feel the hunger
As you take away from me the precious gift that you crave

Then I see your face, the loneliness so bitter
The smile behind the eyes will always betray you
As I take away from you the dreadful hunger

You live, I die for you
As I begin to fade
I feel the blood go through my veins
Without the pain of hatred
Your breath so hot, you take me now, and I am yours
Please take me now before I die

7. Forever

You held the stars in your hand, so cluth them tightly
A step away from the sands that drift so near
In turn I die with the silence that I hear
I know I will fade away
Fade away.....

8. A Certain Kind of Bitterness

I am the truth of the American Dream
I am America's necrotic spleen
Let me introduce you to a beast called pain
Your pain....

And that's the gift I give to you
Again and again and again
My distorted concept of the world
Your world

I'm in your face but you won't see me
Again and again and again
My body slowly seeping out
I wait to burst

Society, personified
Society, I kill

I am what you have made of me
I kill fulfill my function
I am all of your evils and your lies
Your lies

Society, personified
Society, I kill

9. Epilogue

Eternity is such a long time, accursed, dispossessed
I can no longer inflict my misery
Now take my life.....

Take pleasure in the corruption of innocence
Take my existence for my life has long since left me now

Dance the steps of chaos' sick rhyme
Weary and listless, I can no longer find my pain

The sun it is my life, my god
It shows its anger for my life spent
And wreaks its pain on my rotten flesh
And as I die I see his face

Finally now it ends... the pain, beloved cleansing pain
Scarlet tears flow with my love as I reach my end
Finally now it ends... and now I burn and die
And now I rest

10. Thanatos

I tore up all these words, the lines that mean so little
Just fragments, hated lies
Return them to their empty lives, I realise their innocence
So sadly lost

I hide behind my words, barbed lines of self-destruction
That answer me
Return them now their lost, I realise they are so alone

I know that my words are lying
I see in your face the pain is dying
Your answer is echoing my grief
The anguish of weighted lies

Answer me and let me live
Silence me and let me die

11. Still Dreaming

Dormant walls twisted with its cold perception
As skies abound with raging winter, he stands and gazes inwards
At dreams and shards of shattered lives
That slowly descend into shadowed lives

Voiceless cry goes not unheeded
He knows the truth, he knows the lies
And he knows that it matters not

As cries abound with raging life
That is not dead which eternal lies
After stranger aeons even death may die

His steps increase with forgotten pain
He cries, he dies, he cries

Darkness engulfs, whispered screams of pained rebirth
The darkness consumes....
He cries, he dies, he cries

Elder gods that slumber as dead
Aeons of confinement now unshackled
As the chains of torment fade away
They rise as long before

12. In Retrospect

Beneath a silent sky that shines both ways
Entwining in a land forever free
I feel the light beyond such darkened days
Cast aside and left behind
Now left behind.....

Create the perfect world, the perfect life, and watch it crumble
Clinging onto yesterday as the dream becomes so distant
Withheld but not forgotten, I still hear the voice
And feel it near, so near.....

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