Lost Tales (1997)

1. Lost Tales Part 1
2. Awakening
3. Entrance Of Eternity
4. Upon The Hill
5. Under Winter Skies
6. Sunset
7. Fading With The Sun
8. Lost Tales Part 2

1. Lost Tales Part 1

Embraced in a shivering solitude forever
like a sightness srar in the silent universe
And it's so hard to remember the tales
I've heard in my childhood, it's so hard to believe
I'm so weak as the winter beams of sun,
that gone in the misty twilight of oblivion

2. Awakening

Mother Earth awaken my sleeping world
open the gates to an unknown land
I spread my tired wings and fly away
and leave behind the weakness of man

Thousand of screams echoe behind
but wihtout fear I touch the sky
Lady of all my sleepless nights
We'll meet beyond the coulds

Now I step unto an other world
into the garden of silent oblivion
The tortured memories slowly fade
as I taste the serpent's poisoned lips

3. Entrance Of Eternity

Crimson dreams take me far away
far from reality, into an other kind of sleep
I stand before the gates of my innerself,
of an unconscious world deep in my mind

With the key in my hand I open the gates
a lonely spirit guiding, showing me the way

Entrance of eternity

Come closer dormant man, step inside
Take my hands and I ease your cries
I'm what you want, I'm what you need
Don't you remember me?

My soul breaks from this lonely cell of pain
Yield to the temptation of an eternal way
My guardian angel, don't let me awake
Don't let me see those bloody tears

4. Upon The Hill

I call you for a midnight ride under the moonlit sky
Dont't afraid mortal man sister moon is our guide
Dance under ancient oaks bath in silver lakes
Come with me mortal one to secret place

Take my hands and wait for the till
to see the faeryland upon the hill
Take my hands and wait for the till
and listen the faeries sing upon the hill

5. Under Winter Skies

Under the winter sky, as Earth relapses into sleep
the veil of despair falls like a tired vernal leaf
As darkness conquers the moon, all the dreams slip away
Depression comes with large steps, as the slumbering sorrow awakes

Lustreless stars, vanished silhouettes of sky
are shedding silver tears with the last moonlight
And the wishpering winds die away
as the Earth penetrates with pain

6. Sunset

Beyond the heaven's warm and velvet mist
wouneded by the thorns of existence
I'm waiting my last sunset
in my winterforst palace

I'll dream of you
while the shadows touch the ground
I'll dream of you
while the candles are burning out
I'll dream of you
in my crystal casket
I'll dream of you
on your last sunset

Screams of agony echoe in my head
as darkness spins the net of silence
and i'm waiting my last sunset
in my winterforst palace

7. Fading With The Sun

Cold wind plucks the string of sorrow
in a deep and silent forest
There's no one to caress the wound
of a dying goddess

Imprisoned in ancient stones
in a bittersweet eternity
while the lashing wings of angels
pour grief to the ground
New gods came to the land
presence of a prayer in the distance
as teh memories of a forlorn time
are fading with the sun

Bleeding forever with the Earth
embraced by cold tranquility
die alone in agony

8. Lost Tales Part 2

The moon has thrown her pall
to look down to our dying land
and she spills a silver tear for us
for our long dead heaven
as we're lying in the great tomb
of our loneliness

We've lost our way, lost our tales
in our own created mist
Only the vacant eyes of sorrow follow our steps
We're just empty shades of an empty life
failed to reach the skies

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