Even Song
Path of the angels

1. Path Of The Angels

Ruler of my dreams, angelic being
calm me down at last
Bury me among clads of shallow graves
or raise me above the enchanting clouds
Swallow me the Earth's lukewarm womb
let me fly upon the wings of morning breeze
cease burning like the distant star
who has thrown away his light
I pray for absolution
Shall I find solace in death?
Save me angel
I yearn for Nepenthe
Angel of unveiled beauty
Aery being of Heavens
Divine eyes are staring
I'm filled with fear oh mistress of dreams
as I step on the path of the angels
whee heaven meets the ground
Slaughterous time embraces
I feel my transience
Leave those sickening shades of existence
I open the gates of infinity
Just close your weary eyes
I'll take you way up to the skies
Child of Terra Firma
Being of murk and dust
I tear up the texture of reality
Step unto the path of the angels

2. Serpent

A serpent slumbers in the garden of innocence
hidden from cherubs' glowing eyes
Father of lust, sentinel of knowledge
who saw the angels learning to fly
"I show you a world of dreams and desires
a sweet asylum beyond the clouds
Travel me through sunken empires
to the home of joy and equilibrium
While the gods were fighting for the soul of Man
I regained lost paradise
So drop the burden of millenniums
and follow me my dearest child"

3. The Fall Of Archaic Heaven

I remember this world being so young
and the land dressed in silvery gown
The Seven Moons, like proud giants
were glittering on scented empyrean
With light came darkness, shivering shades
the clawed demons of night, waiting for their prey
Life born from the dead loam's clod
a wingless bird, terrae filius
Horns blared out and an array of angels
decended from celestial welkin
Presented to greet a mortal creature
the child of a borning world
The being rose and burst out in laugh
a mortal god, terrae filius
...That was the beginning...
The fall of archaic heaven, the rise of mankind

4. World Within

Through dun and weary times, under the curse of ancient ones
we've been gathering the sour-sweat fruits of knowledge
As silent ghosts do we wander in the empty halls of rapture
while an evensong is mumbled for our confused desires
Mephisto, angel of darkness
You have deceived us
we gave our soul for emptiness
our wings for distress
Now the gates are closed
our own mind has became our dungeon
Oh, how I wish to return
to those scented fields of heavens
We're pawns of a Divine Comedy being pulled on the thread of sorrow
a false heaven awaits for us where the Devil slumbers
We raise walls of tears around the church of our nothingness
and we stand in awe of mightly shades till a new dawn comes

5. Evensong

She closed her dreams into her teardrops
from reality's sharp-clawed demons
She hid her face of tearful eyes
from the scan of this grotesque world
As petals her wings are falling
like angelic curses from eternal welkin
her serene dreams are vanishing
exiled far from the frozen light
She held a dead rose in her hands
passing memory of a divine land
Her mate -- darkness -- adopted her
shielded her body so frail
Only one place to find peace
pleasant cradle of her dreams
a world within

6. Oblivion

Say, oh, say my faithful seraph
where to find some peace
my languid heart is so heavy
and my whisper can't break through the still
Sundown brings no sleep
and in my eyes sets no morning
that's all I'm asking for
the poisoned gift of gods
The silken meadows rock so softly
while my soul is a monolith
I can't feel the cool zephyr
and it's perfume dazes me not

7. Requiem For A Wingless Bird

In the howling silence
a blind angel descended into Earth
he put his fingers on your mouth and eyes,
and stole your last breath

The empty face of the full-moon
has broken to thousand of painful pieces
eternity suddenly became unmasked,

Remained nothing but a frozen dream
in the eyes of a dying bird,
and a lonely teardrop
in the middle of the lost paradise

Fly wingless bird, fly away
memories of your life
will never fade away

8. Laughter Of Gods

I'm dying on the battlefield of opposites
between dreams and reality
Somehow I've lost my way in this maze
And I still hear the laughter of Gods

How do I yearn for a dance with the Angels
In the heat of the moonlit night
A taste of the nectarine fruit of eternity
a ship from the chalice of dreams

Father - look what I have became
I'm a wolf among the lambs, a dreamlike phantasm
What you've done to me God of Man?
I used to be an angel once, but now...

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