A Caress Of The Void

1. A Caress Of The Void
2. Mare Erythraeum
3. Of Purest Absolution
4. Astray In Eternal Night
5. Descend The Lifeless Womb
6. Suffer A Martyr's Trial (Procession At Dusk)
7. Orogeny

1. A Caress Of The Void

The moaning comes from upstairs
I hear them, as if
Upon the threshold of awakening
Ebony tides sweep me away again
Not waving, but drowning
Skyward glance through eyes sinking beneath the surface
Spiraling through indistinct memories
Meanings lost in the primal depths
A caress of the void: the scream falls still

Reality null - The landscape dissolves
Abysmal galleries of depthless gray
Realm of decaying logic

The moaning has turned to screams
Whilst somewhere beyond, a voice drones the mad narrative
Of souls astray - reliving their mortal pains
Silhouettes writhing in murky air
Until a familiar voice whispered into my ear
One word was all that was spoken
Shattering the mirror of this fleeting oblivion
Into a thousand shards of broken light

2. Mare Erythraeum


3. Of Purest Absolution

The tolling of cathedral bells
Aloft in the still black chamber
Calling forth the faithful
From lives of wretchedness
They rise in acquiescence
To the temples anguished chime
Searching for their sins atonement
And be spared the eternal fires

You would bleed for your safe haven
Salvations veiled in the candles dancing flame
As the solemn gaze of marble icons
Falls dreaded upon thy soul
Withered limbs kneel in prayer
To cleanse each brow of sin
Stricken with the grief of age
Let deaths knell softly ring

A distant sound: summoning
Through the quietude
Is it the voice of God?
Hollow words resound
Through catacombs of long suffering grief
The silence ruptured forevermore

The bells of the tower haven now fallen silent
And the voice of god
Summons me no more

4. Astray In Eternal Night

Woeful wraith, obscured in veils of stalking night
Once again, reliving the final fragments of a bygone dream
Too long, you have languished in this desolate place
Perdition of your soul, suffer now forevermore
With a glance that turned my heart'- blood to frost
She descended each stair with unearthly grace

The dust-ridden scent of abandoned tombs, like perfume
Awakened by an unrevealed longing, perhaps to live again
Free from the pains of mortality, the vast unknown
The frail dreams of life buried deep beneath the confinements of earth

Sleep again, restless Eidolon
Return to non-existence, tranquillity in the silence of coffins
Your eyes of misted glass
Mesmerise and who but I drawn forward
Lost in a reverie of tears

With a voice long forsaken
A promise of eternal bliss was spoken
Turning away from that aura of coldest intent
For I saw nothingness: A blackest chasm of despair
And yet I still covet thee

5. Descend The Lifeless Womb

I saw the world descend beneath a black pall breathing, seething
The unanimated now alive in murky, abstract horror
Upon the casket, lying in ruin upon its side
The writhing abyss obscene in the burning lamp's ghostly light
Stretching into infinity; the open lid reveals a view into the depths of internal hell
Petrified by visions in this hypnotic interlude
For I am the deceased, within the crawling skin and sightless eyes as cold as death
Demons silently extract my sanity

The march of a funeral drum, beating
So like my blackened heart
May the darkness I welcome
Enlighten the enigmas of my faith

Solitary figure in the endless cycle of mortality
A self-constructed purgatory to languish in for time unknown
In this gloom-filled room, the true frailty of life is revealed
The spirit disintegrates long before the flesh is lost
The concept of eternity crashing down
Desperate to the believe in the unreal, for truth is the path of pain

Close the curtains; shed some darkness on
The intricate patterns that adorn this spectral carpet
Pity me such as I've yearned for, mourners gathered in solemn rite
Their misery was always my own

Breathe once again; the passages drone distant and detached
I shut my eyes and pine for the funereal essence
The presence of death slowly fades

6. Suffer A Martyr's Trial (Procession At Dusk)

Take them from us, the pitiful ones
Pleading for bleak light's return... betrayed by impending dusk
Finding no solace in the deeply lowering gloom
They travel the path of the condemned in silent horror

Onward into the unspeakable, no savior awaits in forgiveness

Lead us unto ruin, devourer of hope
In night's solemn presence
The accursed procession approaches their destiny
Fields in neglect; unconsecrated by blood and monumental agony
Behold, crosses for the dead
Their distorted shadows forewarn the tragedy

The lurking fear tightens with each labored breath

May we curse the gods in our final hour; the ones they have abandoned
The dead and the dying; all sought in vain their own divine rescue
Begin the mortification of flesh, limbs transfixed upon wooded stakes
Extinction of thy very being;
Hammerfalls resound through the gently sloping hills...

Burn the dead now; let the ashes scatter without remembrance
As those without hope, forgotten in eternity

7. Orogeny

Earth collapsing, deforming
Through the immensity of tectonic pressure
Slowly rising through countless eons
From primal chaos and upheaval
There is creation

The pressure is inescapable

Line Up:
John Paradiso - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Orlando - Guitar
Craig Pillard - Bass
Vince Verkay - Drums
Don Zaros - Keyboards

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