Promo 1996

1. The Hills of Arctic Stillness

From the corner of my eye, a wall of black obscures
A lake of clearest ice becomes a vision of another dimension
For which I have turned from in the pas
A everlasting call, to a forbidden light

The hills of arctic stillness stand silent from afar
As I travel over lands for eons
Only to call you, noble winter's answer

A shrouded form stands motionless, beneath the grey colossal sky
As clouds begin to darken, the onset of nightfall
Now standing before this lake awaiting a distant vision
I am tossed into this darkness only to return to life....

2. Embrace the Emptiness

Born to darkness,the woods foreve stand among the gathering.Upon his eyes the last of the sun's glow.Ascend the candlelit path to where the gift of life is given.Beyond all dream is his ignorance to a serene past.Upon his will you will sleep to an endless dusk.The howls' of an evening's plague of sorrow rides the land in a strom's mist.Glaring in hope to witness the breath of a new dawn.Yet a mystical thought allows him to look upon a sky covered in black satin.Through profane eternity he drinks the nector of immortality.Searching eons for the darkest of pastures.An emotion filled with such vengeance enrages his coldest heart.As now, the wolves of autumn shriek the call of this,the final night..

3. Outro


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