Forest Of Shadows

1. Sleeping Death
2. November Dream
3. Bleak Dormition
4. Open Wound
5. Departure

Sleeping Death

bleak silver streams
the light of many a star
born from thrones in dark heaven
and swept in the suns demise
bleak silver streams
the radiance of eternity
paint the meadows in dismal shades
as sleeping death seep thru the clouds

i stand motionless and
marvel with empty eyes
like a portrait of bliss forsaken
wearing the colors of loss
i stand motionless
like a grieving graveyard statue
and i drape my face with my bare hands
as sleeping death seeps thru the clouds

i felt a dying embrace
a soft breeze of weary winds
singing silent lamentations
a prologue to a tragedy untold
clad in the cold breath of october
the stars fall from their thrones
and my last gleam of hope fade away

in this crestfall orchard
where the final chapter lies written
dressed in a robe of shattered dreams
as the flower withers
in this crestfallen orchard
where fallen leaves lies dying
i kneel down in solitude
as sleeping death seeps thru the clouds

i stare into the forever night
and i travel beyond the fallen stars
i sink into oblivions twilight dream
where my sleeping beauty
lies sleeping with the dead

November Dream

amidst a forest of shadows
swept in thorns and songs of farewell
i felt an echo of a glorious time
gently whispering my name
as if knowing of my demise
as if guiding me away
from the torments of my loss
towards that which i seek
one final glimpse of her smile

and so i followed and arrived
at the shore of a silent lake
where i beheld a starlit silhouette
of somehow familiar features
it was her, my love and life
staring into the night
and awaiting my advent

i called out her name
and she unfolded her funeral face
with eyes of radiant sorrow
that pierced my blissful stare

a moment of joy turned to dust
as she spoke her final sigh
and left me shattered and alone
amidst a forest of shadows
swept in thorns and songs of farewell

Bleak Dormition


Open Wound

i saw the flowers die
grand beauty turn to dust
under wings of cold white death
winter came into my sleep
i had left myself once again
covered with grey despair
my fallen memories lay bleak and bare
untold misery had awaken

come, enlight my dream
with your forever smile
linger here awhile
and be with me in my sleep
come, return the sun
for it is growing dark
and i am bleeding dry
from this open wound

i wear the face of a dying wish
seeking beyond the gate of my delusion
where she is dancing with the dead
clad in a shroud of eternal peace

come, enlight my dream
let your moon arise
save me from the fruit
fed with sorrows dew
come, return from dust
be with me for one last time
save me from myself
or i will be dead by dawn

i saw the flowers die
and nothing felt the same
under wings of cold white death
weary hours brought the end


daylight left with a grand adieus
and i felt its twilight kiss
dancing into my empty stare
clad in a spectrum of dying colors
peering through oblivion
where memories lay waste and wilde
like fragments of a lamentation
sleeping within a lie

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i gazed into its bleak eyes
as it wept the end of my days
with radiance of bitter loss
entering my deep within
where thorns grow without restraint
piercing my blissful sleep
awakening a tragedy

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i saw black draperies fall
to the sound of a whispering nocturne
played gently with the echoing minors of my past
growing withing my mind
like an endless crescendo of melancholy
feeding on my last gleams of hope
as night had set forever

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i found myself in a sea of death
floating helplessly towards the end
drenched in a withering illusion
pulsing through my veins
the lasting torments of a funeral song
that left me singing the opening theme
the soundtrack of my fall

daylight left with a grand adieus
and i asked for its forever hand
stretched out with a euphony of sirens
as if knowing the hour was mine
granting eternal sleep
with distant songs of a farewell dream
i know there is another somewhere
and i would die to meet its smile

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