Forest of Shadows
The Silent Cry

The Silent Cry

Trapped inside walls of grief
My dismal excistance
I am longing for you, oh queen of my desire
Alone I cry so silent
Can you hear me
Oh deliver me from my sorrow
I feel so cold as I am drowning
In a sea of darkness am I fading away

Under the Dying Sun

In the fields of green
Her silhouette towards the sky
Under the dying sun
I see her die

In the fields of green
An arrow of death
A dying beauty breathing
Her last breath

In the fields of green
Under the dying sun
I cry out
In grief for my beloved one

A symbol of life and hope she was to me
Now pain and suffering is all I can see
An act of vengeance for the deeds I've done
Why must she pay with a life now gone

I lay down beside her and gaze into the sky
Eyes filled with tears why must she die

In the fields of green
Under the dying sun
I cry out
In grief for my beloved one

Moments in Solitude

Embraced by darkness my abandoned soul
Screams within my mind I see
But darkness drowning in my misery
Take me away to lands beyond this bleeding earth
Thoose moments in solitude where my mind flies away
Into the realm among the clouds where I rule my own life
A kingdom for myself
A place without fear and with no need for your gods
Where I find eternal piece within my soul
The realm among the clouds
Where I wander in my moments of solitude
But still I am falling through endless skies
Skies of darkness obscured by reality
That shrouds my life with hatred and lies

A November Dream

Obscured by night
A forest of Shadows
The silence of birds bringing peace
The whispering night it calls my name
And so I follow the path of unknown
In solitude I wonder about
Flakes of snow falling from the sky
By the frozen lake she awaits my arrival
That weeping angel of endless sorrow
Under the starlit sky
My eyes embraced by her beauty
Aware of my presence
She arise from her slumber
I meet her crystal eyes
A sad smile I behold
As she melts into the everlasting night
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