Forgotten Woods
Race Of Cain

1. Race Of Abel (Intro)
2. One Day
3. A Landmine Reprisal
4. Intolerance Is The New Law
5. Jedem Das Seine / Erasing The Fuckhead Majority
6. Here, In The Obsession
7. The Principle And The Whip
8. Nightly Paradise
9. Third Eye (New Creature)

1. Race Of Abel (Intro)

2. One Day

Adrift, waiting.
One single shrieking noise starved to the point of dissonance.
Alive, knowing that life one day again will appear solemn and inviting.
One day we shall not be bothered.
One day they'll be crushed like insects under our heels.
One day soon.
I can't wait.
So I spike my drink and spite, to toast the endtimes and prepare for chaos to take root.

3. A Landmine Reprisal

Time to embrace a new world order.
A fledging re-installment of morals.
We have to be absolutely modern.
Strict resolvement of all neo-logic.
Fascism in effect.
Landmine fucking everything.
Destroy to improve.
A way to mend these empathetic designs.
A lemming state of mind.
Is a wasted state of mind.

4. Intolerance Is The New Law

I adhere to no god.
But I can taste the flames.
I despise your apathy and how easily you conform.I loathe every denial and every herd-adjusted step.
We can smile, knowing our minds need not worry.
Visual aggression leads the blind.
Abstract in matter, decayed.
Polluting in Effect.
I answer only to the master.
Discarding all unconscionable matter.

Bring the current on!

5. Jedem Das Seine / Erasing The Fuckhead Majority

A sudden stir.
A landslide of suffering and heartache willed away.
And spit at the mourner who stained my sweet 666.
The final solution is writing itself.
Churning it's wheel.

6. Here, In The Obsession

The assumption that I gave birth to flies is true.
A dog crucified.
The fluttering ascends.
Shedding skin to build another.
Let them inherit the horror.
And the shame from which it's made.
I wish I was as pale as you.
Reflecting superman while the host snickers.
We syndicate the poignant arts of mastering the unknown.
Here, in the obsession.

7. The Principle And The Whip

Indeed, we've seen the serpent rise, six-legged triumphant reptile.
I love you like no other.
Totalitarian regards.
The principle and the whip.
Silence the mutant mind.
Inside this dormant.

Outnumbered, writing in his presence.
Reinventing the myths.
Reversing the symbols.
It is inevitable.

8. Nightly Paradise

Far beyond your wildest imagination
we'll create a kingdom to ruin all entire nations.
Embraced by darkness we'll gather the purest of evil
to ruin the face of the earth and control our suffering world.
Inhale the smell of nightly glamour
inject this of dark and pleasure.
Swallow the wine of crimson taste and come awake
Dance in the rain of tears, climb the mountains of lies.
Swim in the oceans of sins, within this nightly paradise
Walk the fields of battle, sense their ghosts longing for life
Trap the suffer in silence within this nightly paradise.

9. Third Eye (New Creature)

Yahweh scatters all.
Discard your senses.
And the abyss which sees all.
Whilst you master mediocrity with the eyes of Göring.
Sieg Heil!
Lion appease the new masses.
Third eye watch the fall.
Amid to the faltering ego never letting you back in.
Sieg Heil!
Jehovah, inner peace.
Inner love.
Adonisian falsities in the mind of the ugly.
We conclude; there is no other.

Chase another rabbit down the hole.
Keeping my grave leveled, and boil, in communion with god.

The End.

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