Funeral Impressions

1. Intro

2. Obsessed

A thoughtless ulcer
Confused, amorphous, deadly like the blades of the guillotine
Enclosed from darkness and soulless walking around
No light, no warmth, no mirth
Only a monotonous course

Absorbed in endless mourning
Grief and the longing for the death is the only resistant
Cursed in eternal void

Not strong enough to end
Eternally await the quietus
Lay in the depth
Attain the death
Avail the mortality
At last to escape from this mendacious mirage

3. Receive My Tears

Reached the low again
Missed the target
All turned black
There is no hope
There is no luck

Despair is filling the emptiness
So please receive my tears
The pain became too big
The longing makes insane

It feels like being buried alive
Included in a coffin
Six feet under the surface
I suffocate in this loneliness
During I’m embrace the depths of darkness

I’m dying in this endless emptiness
So just receive my tears
While I’m pass away
With lifeless eyes I take a last glance
And now I, I have to die

4. Day in Black

5. Sleep Eternally

When the soul leaves the body
When the life is gone
The way into hell or heaven
Discharge of a part that we all have to go

Sleep eternally and living in a dead world
A memory that may die with me

I want to live
And I want to die
My life will be also be my death

Walk through the world of the dead
Never see the sun again!

Sleep eternally and living in a dead world
A memory that may die with me

Here at my funeral
My tombstone is getting set on my grave
The sign will be
“I hate my life and I love my death”

Sleep eternally and living in a dead world
A memory that may die with me

6. Murdered by Grief

Luck is lost in my life
The only will to live has died
I failed
Nothing more matters to me
All hope is finally gone
I failed, I failed so hard

Now I cross the gates of the graveyard

Directed by the grey funeral fog
I follow the mournful congregation

The rain begins
The rain out of my eyes
Drowned in a million of tears
A hole with a casket in it
Slowly filled with this miry soil

Tortured by the loss
All these memories
My head explodes

All I gave, I gave for you
All I’ve done, I’ve done for you
All I said, I said for you
You are the one I will miss forever

Nothing hold’s me alive now, not anymore...

7. A Way into Relief

Lost the will to live
Death is the only thing that could extricate me
From this curse of sorrow
So I take a rope and roam from life to death
Now I’ve arrived at this old dark masonry
In a cold wooden crate I lie
Between all these candles which are alight

Just mine is extinct

Grow, cold, dead
There’s no bottom
I’m falling deeper and deeper into the depths of decease

Submerged in a sea of tears
The tears of those who mourn about the loss
In the mousey fog of depression
Once I kneeled and shoveled the moist soil
Now I lay down beside your grave
And finally the longing is satisfied

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