Frozen Shadows
Empires de Glace

1. Au seuil des ténèbres

La douce morsure du vent arctique se déposa
Sur mon visage livide, intouchépar les âges
Mes yeux de rubis brillèrent dans ces cryptes
Où règne le silence

Mon domaine éternal

M'enfonçant das la nuit je cherche réconfort
Rêvant à mon départ loin de ce monde mortel
Là où les ombres dantesques vers l'infini
Se tordent et se profilent

Au seuil des ténèbres

Quand des pores de mon âme s'écoule la tristesse
Toujours dans tes replis je puis trouver refuge

Ô toi ma mêre que je révère
Ta splendeur sera toujours sans égale
Une seule pensée hante mon esprit
Ma perdre dans ton sein obscur

Ce passage si craint et qui pourtant m'est si cher
Seules les âmes pures peuvent me l'ouvrir

Archange destructeur je m'envole pour trouver
Des vies à étouffer pour briser mon exil
Rapportant le souvenir de ce portail maudit
Qu'un jour je franchirai

2. Adrift in the Sepulchral Snow

Embers of the sun drenched by my eyes
I feed on my hatred for the light
(Yet) my sempiternal tears I would not douse
Silent was the scream crossing my blue lips

I cursed this feeble shell of mine
Dreaming over the coldest hills
How could I ever join the hunt
A mortal stone around my neck

When the forest choked on my frozen self
No axe would ever chip my flesh away

Others would soon follow and wage my war
But tjose were of the kind breathing the Art
I would remain untouched, martyr of a new age
A morbid monument to their greater glory

Solid tears fled from my eyes
My limbs torn by the north frost

3. Return to Supremacy

We rose from our dreams down where the light glows dark

Transcending the boundaries of darkness
We rose from antedilluvian times
Emerging from the coldest chasms
This is where a new age would be forged

Eyes burned the horizons of these frozen landscapes
Where once stood our pillar of carnal plenitude

Single tears fled from our grief
Sculptures of damnation
Only one thing crossed our minds
Regain our glory past

Dark hordes gathered

We gazed into the past following our slumber
Two milleniums of lies that were soon to be cleansed

The heavens we soared by
To the nest of light
The gates we stormed with fury
Their skin so close at hand

4. Forests of Perdition

The dense threshold of these woods
Is where I longed to sleep
Feared by the breed called mankind
Cherished by those of the coldest blood

To enter those dark and forbidden groves,
embrace the Damned
A single drop out of my mortal past is what I left behind

Shadows froze my soul
Under a silent moon
Beckoned by the voices of my past
To drown in my own perdition

Those temples of ice I was allowed to gaze upon
Built by hands dissimilar to the ones I called mine
Around me shined the red starsthat were burned by the day
Those thrones, at last I had found the woods that were without god

I saw through eyes that were no longer weak
Free of my burdens
Trickles of crimson ran down my cheeks
My Demon tears

Defying all things holy I sketched a grotesque smile
We would soon hunt together and tear the lamb apart

I had found solace, refuge
As the forests closed behind, forever
Horns pointing towards heaven
I laughed over the wind

5. Coldest Infinity

Perenial mourning I would lay to rest

The streams of sadness I drowned into
I screamed a perfect archetype of misery
I drank from the chalice of solitude
The quintessence of pain I sipped anew

Comfort nor peace could I find
So cold, so scared, so empty inside

Sempiternal love above only left a sour taste
Born into a world of light with a dark soul

Dearest Winter my only bride
So alone on my mortal path
The gates of Hell I longed to cross
Dreaming of towers of frost

I listened to winds of sorrow whispering my name
A soothing hand easing my fears I would find down below

My open arms outstretched I smiled at last
The caress of the north I felt no more
No name was on my lips when I hit the white grounds
Laying in a cold pool of ebbing despair

One last breath, one last cruel tear
And my weary eyes would close forever

I faded away where I could never be hurt again
Inside the towers of Coldest Infinity

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