Frozen Shadows

1. As Old as Time Itself

Rising from the mists
Across the barriers of time I drowned
Upon these lurid vales bewinged horrors slept
For centuries forgotten yet by faith unsilenced
Whispering songs of old

Where tyrant virtues reigned
Neither blessed nor blissful
Seraphs ill forever bred
And with darkness dallied

Thus I heeded their call

By words so foul envenomed
Did my senses arose

Hatred seeping through every pore
By light eschewed my flesh wandered
In realms that spawned before the birth of ages

And on the fatallest of nights
Baneful eidolons towered
From the deepest of chasms
To the frorest of woods
Serenades fell and cruel resounded anew

Atop summits of virtues
Ribbons of dawn were downwards strewn
Never was so pure a shore
Overwhelmed by such hideous throng

Can’t you hear them fall
From crushed firmaments of life bereft?
Across these blemished skies
Dissevered angels writhe

2. Des siècles d'épitaphes

Mon âme est un gouffre
Où se déversent des torrents de haine
L’atroce murmure de ces remous
Me dévorant jusqu’à la moelle

Sur mes tourments se sont couchées
Des milliards de lunes vengeresses

Vous dont le souffle exhale la peur
Que savez-vous de mes blessures?
C’est par votre foi lacérée
Que mes douleurs j’affranchirai

Fier, impavide, je guette le jour
Où l’étreinte sinistre de la mort
Viendra creuser sur vos visages
Ses sillon noirs et torturés

Quand les puissants s’éveilleront
Pour mettre à bas le joug des faibles
Et disloquer vos frêles empires
L’écho funèbre de vos souffrances
Se brisera sur les récifs de l’oubli
Vos cendres impures semées aux quatre vents

Ne resteront, épars, que des fragments de lumière

Quand des siècles d’épitaphes ébranleront ce monde
Le poids des âges s’abattra sur mes épaules lasses
Et de mon corps disjoint s’échappera un dernier rire
D’ici là, je n’aurai cesse de vous pourchasser, vermines

3. Battered Souls

Under the ghastly paleness of twilight we roam
Merciless we grimly metre out fear
Ripping asunder the fabric of a time that was
Never to be swayed by human hands

We soar above your mass
Unbeknownst to you we thrive in sin
From our plateaus of awareness we are
A superior thorn in your side

Predators supreme we eradicate
Your sickening ethereal temples
Pummeling your faith until it shatters at last
Forever yielding in to decrepitude

Down the untrodden path you shun
We scorn your ways

Revengeful and sovereign we gather
For we are the mallet that will come
Down crashing your pearly gates

When battered and besieged
Your fortresses of light will fall
From recesses of damnation
We will ascend to rend your soul

4. À l'ombre du mal

La ou les vents tristes se taisent et meurent
Sommellent mes lambeaux meurtris et mon ame décharnée
De ces rives exsangues j'émane
Tel un spectre défiant le jour

A l'ombre du mal toute beauté se flétrit

Sur ce monde vil mon regard porte
Le courroux des dieux infernaux
Mes yeux brulant d'une haine
Dont la noirceur transcende le verbe

Je n'ai que faire de cette foi stagnante
Sur laquelle vous naviguez tels
Des vaisseaux de chair impure
Vos peurs sont légions, vos faiblesses multitudes
A l'ombre je me moque
De vos existances futiles

Étrangle cette damnée race d'Abel O ruine
Dans tes replis sombres ou la foi vacille et s'éteint
Quand de tes gouffres sans nom tu reviendras, chimère
Je me fondrai en toi, glorieuse et ancestrale

Lorsque tremblent vos fondations
Repus et délié je m'évapore
A l'ombre du mal trouvant asile
Dans l'éternité

5. Through Fields of Mercilessness

Beyond grimness blew these frigid winds still
Amidst enshrouded and battered wings
Where light was but a cursed word
Colorless skies were ours to rule

Aeons old but infants still
We rose from dormancy
For new thrones were to be won
Monuments of suffering supreme

Unappalled by hatred nor sorrow did we breathe the Art
Far away from all that was deemed fair an empire was born

Under the North began the hunt
Through fields of mercilessness

Where light was drowned in sin
And the twelve names were mocked aloud
With ghastly ruby eyes we gazed upon the breed
Befouled by the stench of god

As for such a race of willing slaves
The meanders of the mind were naught
Through darkened veils we grinned for the pathway of the sword
Was clear as an open sky

Malevolence our vessels we soared
To lands forlorn by echoes of joy plagued
Their weak flesh to be washed away
By a neverending sea of horns

Wails of horror
Through vales of death now crimson forevermore
Tears ran from their mournful eyes
As holiness was ripped apart

6. Darkness Enfolds

7. Strangled by Fear

Somber thy mantle falleth
Upon flesh mine that shudders still
As thine ashen orb doth maim my soul
For within thy gaze saneness ebbs away

Awashed with fear mortals layeth
When thy oozing darkness plumets

Inside vapours profound
That feeble eyes dare not meet
Horrid specters lurketh yet
Thy hallowed words shall not deter

For malign creatures breatheth anew
In murky ripples intertwined
Whenever night's dismay oncemore
Ensconces thy brittle psyches

Grinning and proud I standeth aslant
For I am king amongst you thralls

Paragon of nocturnal ire
I shall rise to daunt thy world
To dispell all things pure and fair

Yet these tartarean hands
In thy folly beleiveth gone
To evanesce and ware
When daylight parts the night

Under the grip of terror shalt thou fathom at last
Faustian spirits dreadeth not the streams of phoebus

8. Towards the Chambers of Nihil

Forgotten, Drowning, I greet my fate

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