Funeris Nocturnum
Pure Satanic Blasphemy

1. Burying The Last Breath Of Christianity

While the death is spreading it's wings, we have gathered together.
Sweet releasing death; embrace us!
Like a plague it reigns, join the nocturnal funeral.
Burying the last breath of christianity, and sacrifice to Him.

With the sign of black magic, burned on our skin we rule this earth.
With our satanic might and our wrath against the christ.

Hear the call of the shadows,
and now we have gathered to sacrifice for the ruler of unholy domain.

Hail Satan!

Dominion of our great lord sathanas,
Behold! It's getting closer the essence of our might,
shall forever lead us against your false messiah
hear me, gather the strength!

Prepare for the final battle in valley of Megiddo, the final war.
And then we, the legions of hell,servants of Satan, will dwell in the shadows under the blackened sky for eternity.

2. Damnation Of Inri

Genocide, satanize.
Now it's time, to set the demons free from the depths of hell.
Wake up to praise the name of our lord,
and his filthy whore.

INRI, your followers we will burn!

This ruin cannot be prevent, the end of the light,
the eternal night.

Rape the angels of light for the last time.
The end is so near,
the death is here.

The death is here!

3. Withering Life

With my pale eyes i behold the sky,
full of death…

Disgrace the bastard son of god!

The night descents to the shadowlands,
And on the wings of evil we ride, destroying the weak,
breeding pain and misery.

Life, my only enemy, is finally withering away.
I have found the wisdom of Satan, and my peace in death

4. Slay And Burn

I have raised from the hellfire, i am the tormentor.
In nomine satanas.
Everlasting torment it will be,
to everyone who does not kneel in front of Lucifer.

I will burn you at the stakes, where is your christ now?
I will pierce your holy flesh, your christ can't help you now.
I'm the raper of your jesus fucking christ!
I summon the darkness, and the army of Satan.
Unleash the demons, and the war will begin.
I have no doubt that who will win, the child of god cries his pain,
and finally, the cross will be inverted.

I am the raer of your jesus fucking christ!

I will burn you at the stakes, where is your christ now?
I will pierce your holy flesh, your christ can't help you now.
I'm the raper of your jesus fucking christ!
I summon the darkness, and the army of Satan.
Unleash the demons, and the war will begin.
I have no doubt that who will win.
The child of god cries his pain, gloria satanas!

Unleash the demons, and the war will begin.

5. Pure Satanic Blasphemy

The world has come to it's end.
This god's created piece of shit has got what it deserves.
But for us is the dawn of new dominion,
the new dynasty of Satan.

Will you count on your idiculous paradise?
Can you deny your desire to kill and sodomize?
You fucking fanatically reigious idiot.
Once again the flames of gehenna reached higher.

The seeds of damnation breed with me,
Last breath of life,
Last breath of earth.
We are the epitome of evil.

We desecrate your pitiful god,
with pure satanic blasphemy.

In the dawn of the apocalypse,
i capture your followers beneath the rage of inferno.
Burning corpses,
rotting corpses, the enthronement of Satan.

Believer, this is the price you pay for your christian life.

6. Kuolontoive

Mielessäni toivon sen tulevan, kuoleman, totaalisen tuhon,
pyyhkien pois arvottoman elämämme.
Minulta vaivan säästäen.
Tappaen nuo ja kusipäiset kiihkoilijat, jotka elävät elämää ilman oikeata elämää.
Minä nauran teidän paratiisillenne, sillä minä tiedän totuuden.
Sillä minä kunnioitan vahvempaa.
Sillä minä kunnioitan jotain todellisempaa, Saatanaa
Teidän syntinne on minun elämä.

Missä silloin syntisi aiot anteeksi pyytää kun liekit nuolevat jumalasi huonetta?
Miten voit enää viatonta lastasi aivopestä kun olemme hänen mielen saastuttaneet.
Mitä sanot siihen kun naulat uppoavat lihaan yhä uudestaan ja uudestaan?
Auttavatko rukoukset silloin?
Kenellä on silloin todellinen voima?
Tekin nöyrrytte sen edessä.

Mielessäni tiedän sen tulevan, Kuoleman, totaalisen tuhon, vereen meidät hukuttaen.
Sillä minä tiedän totuuden,
sillä minä kunnioitan vahvempaa.
Minä kunnioitan jotain todellisempaa, Kuolemaa.

7. Seitsemas Portti

Tule, me kutsumme sinua,
täytä sielumme pimeydellä, ja johdata meidät…

Se verinen polku johtaa meidät pimeyteen,
läpi pohjoisten metsien.
Minne tuo kirottu valo ei enää paista,
me olemme surmanneet sen.

Meidän on ikuinen voima, varjojen syleilemänä.
Verta käsissäni, verta sinulle.

Niin kauas kuin silmäsi kantavat, näet enkelten itkevän.
Ne itkevät pyhän maansa menetystä,
joka on hänen vallassa, jonka siivet pois leikattiin,
ja taivahasta pois heitettiin.
Hänen on oleva mahti,
hänen jolle uhrasimme neitsyen.
Pyhän lihan miekalla lävistämme, heidän jotka valkoista karitsaa seuraavat.
Pimeys peittää maan, tuuli kylmä puhaltaa.
Nyt aika tullut on, portti seitsemäs auki on.

8. Three Steps Closer To The Truth

[1 PAST (crucifixion)]
Silloin kun golgathalla tuo valheista sikissyt huora ristiinnaulittiin.
Olisin sen ilolla halunnut nähdä,
ja saman kohtalon hänen seuraajilleen aion vielä langettaa.
Teidän tekopyhä, mätä lihanne lävistetty tulee vielä olemaan.

[2 PRESENT (The gathering)]
The spirit of our diabolical hatred shall be the curtain,
that will blacken the sun, and the landscape turns colder.
Praise the beast!
For soon He will rise.
Our unholy cult is strong, and so it will be.
Raise your swords!
Against the face of god.

HAIL! The lord of the south.
HAIL! The lord of the north.
HAIL! The lord of the east.
HAIL! The lord of the west.

Unveil our hellish force, for infinity is the only limit.

[3 FUTURE (devastation & desecration)]
Neitsyen raiskaaja jumala loi ihmisen omaksi kuvakseen,
mutta minä en tahdo olla mikään vitun kuva jumalasta,
vaan maailmanlopun todellinen profeetta.
Siittäen neitsyeihin tuhon siemenen,
"pyhän" veren myrkyllä häpäisten.
Bensiinillä valelen pastorin, kirjansa kanssa palakoon.
Tuon kaiken tulen tekemään Saatanan

9. The August Hammer Of Satan

Hearken to me,
for i am fucking you precious guardian angels!

Dreadful and disgusting, the concrete form of your innermost fears.
I am everything you try to deny, a beast that is fully alive.

From the ethereal oceans i arise,
as the deadliest of all plagues i contribute to your demise.
Beware my presence!
I am both, the hammer of Satan,
and the nails that are driven through your faith.

My blasphemous words are the salt in his (christ) wounds,
but my deeds of hatred are what made them bleed again.

I serve my master and obly his commands.
I invert all the "beauty" shaped by divine hands.
Me essence is of the sinful steams of hell.
I spit at the grace from which i once fell.

Indeed, i am the way…but to what direction?
Follow me and i will throw you down to the agonies.
Slaves you were and slaves you will always be,
sodomized by Satan from this moment to eternity.

"I am both, the hammer of Satan,
and the nails that are driven through your chest".


Torment - Vocals
Grimort - Guitars
Horgath - Bass
Draco - Drums
Ruho - Keyboards
Nergal - Guitars

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