1. Deserted

Crumbling desolation
Perished nature
Watching devastation spreading like fire
Pouring toxic rainfall
Floods of acid
Germinating chaos in rotten soil

Disintegration of humankind
Corroded lifeforms wasting away

Lost, when all has failed
We're left alone all by ourselves
Cursed to survive in obscurity
Bare and forsaken
Left in the darkness holding on

Life has ran its course
The final human hour
Swallowed by time

2. Puncture Wounds

Lurking in shadows
Wielding my blade
Steel forged for violent action
Stalking my prey

Knife in my hand
Puncturing skin
Knife deep inside your head
Draining your skull

Ambushed in darkness
I raise my blade
Flesh ripped with no resistance
Muscle and bone

Wielding my blade

I dig my weapon into your worthless flesh
Carving your body open
Slicing your face

Striking with lethal passion
Drenched in your blood
I absorb the power
Tasting my blade

3. From the Ashes

Wandering through chaos
Scarred from nightmares
Pushing past the things I've known

Accelerating forward
Shedding weight that brings us down
Rising slowly from the ashes
See the light
Walk through the flames

Overcoming fear kneeled before me
Breaking free from limitations

Bent but never broke
We stand undefeated

Seal your fate
Walk through the flames

Sweet release
Stronger than ever
Celebration of victory'

4. Ruthless

Breaking through windows
Prowling the night
Thieving and robbing
Taking what's mine

Criminal mind

Running your pockets
Steel in your mouth
Violently dealing
Taking you out

Working my way around you
You'll never see me coming

Wild and ruthless
On the right side of this war
Wild and shameless
On the right side of this war

5. Everlasting

It is nameless
Eternal dark divine
It defies description
With no end it shall remain

Almighty savior, all knowing soul
Lasting beyond all planes of space and time

It is all
It is nothing

It is ageless
Immortal soul devourer

It burns forever
Unyielding light that never fades out

Abysmal power
Forces untold

6. Barbaric Pleasures

We escape together
Locked behind closed doors
Finding our peace

Barbaric pleasure
Nothing but sweat between us
Barren bodies
Skin glistening in low light

Down on your hands and knees
You're looking back intensely
In ecstasy

Nothing but filth between us
Barren bodies
Skin glistening in low light

7. Sweltering Madness

Brains baked
Skin smoldering
Bones turned to ashes

Human bodies crumble
Cracked and broken
Rotten dried up corpses
Lay in the dirt

Chained to the desert surface
Bleached by the sun

Sweltering madness

Senses ablaze
Fevered minds
Inhaling fumes from boiling flesh
Burnt shell of what we once were
Our souls are steamed away

Even in the darkness
There is no shade

Sanity is dissipating
Simmering in hellish heat
Deviant obsessions
Rambling and raving mad

8. Boiled Over

Patiently it waits for me
Taking over slowly
Penetrating the void in my soul
Filling me with anger

Bleed for your master
Free yourself from apathy
Disdain boiling over
Visions of hatred in my stare

I lay myself in shallow flames
My self restraint is set ablaze
It burns my skin from the inside
Exterminating living breath
Consumed by dread
I let it burn

Lay, let your body melt away

Impulses giving way
I can't remember who I am
Pollution in my bones
I let my body boil away

9. In Chains

Behold the witness
Eyes blind to faith
Seen all the madness
In the killer's face

Must sell the darkness
To be that way
To steal lost hearts so they
May serve as slaves

Bound and humiliated
Captured in chains of shame

To serve the master
The brand of the savior
Blindly we keep

Bearing his likeness
Down on my knees
Give up my heart
So I may be a slave

10. Absence of Light

Absence of feeling
Absence of light
Soaking in the heartache
Crumbling under the weight

Death is calling out
Leap from the open window

Falling backwards
Into the depths
Of mental anguish

I'm letting go

Termination of pain and anger
Convocation at the cemetery

11. Anxiety

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