An Unexpected Reality

1. Starved

I starve myself from you
I wither away
Can’t you see I’m paper thin?

2. Sick of Being Sober

Nothing to live for
Lonely and bored
Banging my head on the wall
Feeling life slipping away
Stuck in my own head lately
I can’t escape
I’ve built it all up just to watch it burn and bring me to my knees
Right where I started before
Full steam ahead as my feet hit the ground
Throwing my life down the drain

3. Rusted Gold

Let me suffocate you
Smothered in love
Let me worship every part of your soul
I’m not giving up yet without a fight
Foolishly fascinated
Under your spell

4. Imposter Syndrome

Spent my life pretending
Faking like I know what the fuck I’m doing
I’ve got everybody fooled
One day I’ll fail
Your expectations leave no room for me to question myself
Everybody’s waiting hoping that I fail

5. Amputation

Anxiously waiting
You were never really mine
Feeling phased out slowly
Cut off quickly

6. Depraved Not Deprived

Self-agonizing disassociation
Wired to consume
Take it away from me
I can’t get it off my mind
I can’t look away
Poison in my veins needing distraction
Cancer in my brain seeking attention
Lost and isolated
Help me repair my mind with something real

7. Superspreader

I am contagious and spreading disease touching your mouth and your nose with my hands
No mask on my face in crowd
Crowded room
Thoughtless transmission
Close contact
Breathing in my infected air
One by one
Millions are dying from my viral load
No one is safe from you now

8. Emptiness

A hole the size of you
Carved out of my beating heart
Loss of purpose
Feeling everything
Nowhere to hide
Never fulfilled
No satisfaction in anything
Darkness devours me
Slowly descending into obscurity
Pain, only pain
Lonely suffering
No words to say
Void of joy
Seeking comfort in restless sleep
Leaving consciousness behind
Slipping from reality inside in my mind
No reason to open my eyes
Letting go completely
Staring in the mirror
Naked and raw
The cracks in the ceiling look to me exactly how I feel

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