Where the wind blows I am
Where the wind blows I will always be

In the pale shadow
The voices around me
Screams in my soul and heart

Where are they?
What are they?
Their faces I can't see
Bur they are in my dark forest
Crawling around the trees
And in the whispering grass
Coveringmy loneliness

In the sunset
In the sunrise
I will always be there

The shivering voice of the ghost
I am the shivering voice of the ghost

No light shall sear my being, my evil being
Soon I shall walk with earthly feet
You summoned me in your dreams


This night is silent, I set the world ou of its
until only ashes circle around the moon
Close your eyes, follow me blindly
Goddess let my ice cold semen of gods flow

Your only prayer.....

Close your eyes and walk my path
I alter the moons direction
Look around never stop to speak
The star seams to move towards them

Sun groaning in ice, so no longer will the sun
nor the snake leave its shiny skin
O children of the dark will you run with me?
Find the palace
By way a higher bidding

Your only prayer be heard

Come with me I heard their screams
Frightfully as I watched them.......die

Can you know?
Can you match me?
Can you leave?
The sun
Can you feel?

Your only prayer be heard

Sun groaning in ice; so no longer will the sun
O children of the dark will you walk my path?


Crossing the channel of fire
The wings of the dragon shall carry me high
The sky so dark and cold
Known only to the spirits that grew old

We rush towards th ravenclaws
They silently await to crush us all
We await the coming
Cursed as hellbound lizards we all shall crawl

Not the blessed
Nor the gifted
We choose the true evil
Not the feeble

We lords of dogs
We lords of the hammer
We lords of swords
We call upon thee
Souls of the infernal
Ghosts of the wicked
Spirits of all that is evil
Dance to the masters organ

We call upon you
Incarnated souls of disaster
Spread the fire all high and loww
The ravenclaws have waited to long


At the break of dawn
The gods above and below
Blow their harns

The dark mist lies low
Above the moisty ground
Gods summoning their gathered hordes
In declaration of war

We partake in massive bloodshed
Whilst the remaining freeze and die
Unshorn warrior behold the burning

Lovely it is the flames burning Hirsir

A lonesome cry echoes through an almost
cloudless sky
One god has fallen from high heaven ground
Human parts and weapons lie scattered
As blood freeze to solid ground
Yes pagan souls be witness
To the conquering of Hirsir

So warriors unsheathe your swords
Burn with us and our lord
Drums play their slow march
Symbolize that we will to Hell march

Alonesome cry echoes through and almost
cloudless cky
One god has fallen from heaven high
Human parts and weapons lie scattered
As blood freeze to solid ground
Yes pagan souls be witness to the conquering
The battle is set for the conquering of Hirsir


Soon his eyes stare up on you
The sun Lucifer
The seal of Sin
Upon your chest, protect you

In the sky the morning star soars
Way up high remind us all
The years to come all love will die

Before the sun, a star sends its light
Set your ritual.........right
Streams of torment
Streams of blood
Fear for your doul, your spirit

Remember me gaze at the sun
Light your fire let them remember
Forgetful they are
Still they are gods

In the sky
Way up high where I roam
All love will die

Let the ghosts gather
Wandering endlessly
All of them old and new
Let them all gather

All hell your ritual seam to attract

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