Land of Forgotten

1. Key to the Gates of Ignorance

In the depths of the mind hides before beginning wisdom
But the cage of progress does not allow it break away
You should choose overgrown path
To open the Gates of Ignorance

And there are no help ones among the people
But you are not alone in this world
Ask the woods
Ask the waters, the winds, the land, the shining flame
Ask the gods of the Paganland
Where to search the way,
Following to the Twilight Forest

There, in it's depth search for the bridge of pure energy
The bridge of wisdom, taking to the depths of your mind from the origin of One-eyed god's advisor

Open your eyes, drink the gulp
Breath in, perhaps, at first time
Feel the power of the woodlands
These are your lands too

There is the edge of modernity
There is your Key to the Gates

2. Land of Forgotten

Standing at the mountainhighs
I feel the breathing of the winds
I see the clouds, flowing in welkin
Crying sunset - I hear this sound

The Sun is gone in the valley
Rays hide behind the mountains
The Moon has risen, but where is light
In the darkness of the night?

In the darkest place, in the deepest abyss
You don't know what you see there
Live horror, grim nightmare
All what you believe in

Black, black nightmare
Crying sunset, welkin in blood
You walk on the path of the hordes
That burnt the hope in our hearts

Old woods, keeping the knowledge
Clear lakes, the eyes of our souls
You see them, crying in Land of Forgotten

3. Pure Winds of the Past

Pure winds of the past
Dark of todays
Uncertainty of future
Stream of the time in the mist of reality
The book of history is still full of pages
Sheets blacken one by one
But pages of not came times are pure
Pure, like winds of the past

Pure winds of the past blow
Over the cold mountains
I feel it...
I feel changes...

4. Dark Lonely Wanderer

Again above the field the bird of war circles
By directing one's eyes to overgrown ground
Raven - dark wanderer, seeker of dartstorm, what you see below?
Whether tribute will return to you today?
The battles of the past ages have abated for a long time
Where all those who appreciated not only life?
Where the true servants of the old gods?
Long ago the field has turned in wasteland, has forgot the thunder of Odin's weather
Only raven have patience to wait for his hour

Again above the field the bird of war circles
By directing one's eyes to overgrown ground
Raven - lonely wanderer, only you still remember old times,
Wait for returning of pagan konungs and kings
Your circles become wider, and flight - higher
But you are still here

Above the field the bird of war circles
By directing one's eyes to overgrown ground
Munin, how long to wait? Is it worth waiting?...
(Munin:) — It is worth waiting

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