SONG: "Intro" 1:03


SONG: "Metal Misery" 5:05

What's happening to society?
Is personal gain the highest goal?
Is important in today's life no control of your life?
Mindless follower of rules
Be anonymous, step out of line
Consider other people as fools?

I see your face and it's a dead one
You fake emotions, enslaved by faith
Has society come to the point
Where no one bothers thinking
Enslavement of the mind

The lame among society
Do not have to learn
They walk the path of insanity
But they can't see
Their own mental misery
Your minds gets weaker
As your strength grows stronger

SONG: "The Putrid Stench Of Human Remains" 4:18

Rotting from the inside out
The pain is intense, you're screaming loud
Bowels are burning, acid burns in your veins
You won't survive but die in pain
Eyes are hurting, turning black
You're decomposing, a human wreck
In agony you're crying out
As you coughed, a lung came out

Pus is flowing from the gastric
The putrid stench of human remains

Your intestines fall out, a bloody mess
Maggots feasting, eating your lost flesh
They crawl into you, via anal ways
Perforating your stomach within a day

Your remained guts have been gone
No more organs left to live on
Your brain is intact, still catching sounds
But there is only pus remaining on the ground

Pus is flowing from the gastric
The putrid stench of human remains

SONG: "Foetal Carnage" 5:02

Pregnant for nine weeks
By rape or promiscuity
Life is growing inside
Although it is not wanted
Life becomes hell
Days are passing slowly
Suicide will be sure
If abortion can't be practised

Tissue is carved and bleeds
The foetus is now executed
It's vacuumed from the womb
Birth will not be given

Tissue is carved and bleeds
The foetus is now executed
It's vacuumed from the womb
Birth will not be given

What's the right of the unborn child
When it will destroy its mother's life?

Friends are no help
Their opinion is formed by others
Their religion says you're a whore
Your son is a condemned bastard

Tissue is carved and bleeds
The foetus is now executed
It's vacuumed from the womb
Birth will not be given

SONG: "Tangled In Gore" 4:34

Closed casket service has been asked for
Because her face has been deformed beyond belief
Stash the body down in the basement
And fill the coffin with rocks
Two hours later you are alone
Your perverted mind is taking control
Tip the clothes off the corpse
Make sure your dick is hard

Look at her body, tangled in gore
Touch her vagina, now you want more
Kiss her tits stiff and sm...
And lift her body against the wall

Hang her on hooks so that she won't fall
Screw that cold one is what you want for all
When you are done you make her disappear
Closed casket service is what you want to hear

SONG: "Confessions Of A Serial Killer" 5:33

Confess your crimes
After twenty years of killing
Clearing your mind is easy now caught
Death was your life, pain your pleasure
No regrets, emotions are naught
Interrogator vomits
Because of the gore
In the story you tell him
Bile covers the floor
Your first one was a whore
She didn't want intercourse
Spilling your sperm
On her mangled corpse
Loving the killing
Sex no more fun
What would you do
If your dick was your gun

Bisexual lust low way of life
Your true religion was a knife
A trail of corpses left behind
For dismemberment and carnage you strive
They'll send you to the electric chair
Lawyers will defend you but do not care
The victims' parents will not cry
As your body is convulsing, they want you to die
They can't kill your body
But your soul will survive
You'll take control of one's mind
And live an eternal life

SONG: "Horrors In A Retarded Mind" 4:00

Smashed your head against the wall
Treatment comforts temporarily
Chastise yourself extremely
To neutralise chronic pains
Automutilation dwells deep in your soul

Inflicting pain
Your body suffers
While carving yourself
People can't understand
That you are forced to do it
A slave of your sick thoughts
For neurosis or lust

Carving layers of skin of your chest
An orgasm comes as reward
Your sick lust of pain
Will drive you to your suicide
Automutilation dwells deep in your soul

SONG: "Loss Of Flesh" 3:45

End your life
Are there reasons to go on?
The pain won't hurt
Because you know you'll soon be gone
Relatives will mourn
Because of the loss of one beloved
In time they'll forget
You'll be gone in the past
As blood is flowing on
Your mind is feeling free
Dying isn't hard
It's happening so easily
Why should life
Only be ended by some god?
The decision is up to you
End it or not
Has mankind lost its sanity
Trying to reach for immortality?
The fear for dying is hidden deep
No faith in their eternal sleep
I was born alive
Isn't that punishment enough?

SONG: "Decomposed" 5:51

All human life forms are piles
Of stinking, rotting bowels
You now have the choice to die
Or live and rot away
No chance of a painless death
The cancer is starting in your head
It spreads it's seeds through your veins
You'll suffer the most horrible pains
You feel it lowering down your back
Your fingers are starting to turn black
Although you are praying to your god
You will slowly start to rot

Rotting is the only way of life
The stench is of the pus of your wife

You are getting weaker every day
It won't last a day is what they say
As your skin drips from your face
You're a part of rotting human race
You know that it won't last long
As you cough up pieces of lung
As your shit comes through your mouth
Your soul soon will go south

Rotting is the only way of life
The stench is of the pus of your wife

SONG: "Gorefest" 4:01

The deceased has been embalmed
Made ready for the family
The outside is still the same
But that's only visually
Formaldehyde been used
The organs have been gone
And the bucket of bowels
Is what we'll dine upon

Sluts masturbating
With bones of the deceased
Their guts no longer needed
Are such delicious meat
The necronymphomaniac who sees the coffin
With the corpse over the ...
She likes them soft and cold
She climbs into the coffin
Starts licking his putrid cock
Sucking it so heavily
It suddenly comes off

Deformed dwarfs are juggling
With separated heads
Distorted, morbid unlookers
Never more so glad
Steaming pits of defecation
Filled with corprophiliacs
Copulating abominations
A Gorefest at it's climax

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