Gorgoroth "Incipit Satanas" 2000

01. Incipit Satan 4:33
02. A World To Win 3:43
03. Litani Til Satan 4:33
04. Unchain My Heart!!! 4:47
05. An Excert Of X 5:50
06. Ein Eim Av Blod Og Helvetesild 3:09
07. Will To Power 4:28
08. When Love Rages Wild In My Heart 5:43

Incipit Satan

ridin' blind from heaven high
from volvy the chain
if hate sudden children

why repare the choke of unchances lierin' worm
through a new bladin` in
tired to raped your lair
write the janata decive
blessin' in dark heaven

run tied from hell
run chain of the hebrow
rechain the proved new earth
when blood rages in the sky
chaos head destruction

incipit satan
incipit satan
incipit satan
incipit satan

destroyed of all
god along destruction
destroyed of all
rise of pop hell

incipit satan
incipit satan
incipit satan
incipit satan ...

A World To Win

for you the life of temptaion
temptations so wild
with the suffers hold my glad
treasures blood will raped by so lies
so satural so wild

get its the silent sun
resurrection run

the beutifull world
now want to cut
a world to win
the beutifull world
yaaaaa how we must
to grasp you

Unchain My Heart!!!

go ! thy tide float I am guilt and I am god
the lecture that crap your flesh
the whores that trace you
the blood reflecting white
the curse of your heart

unchain my heart

defrock the flashin' deciyin' the due of evil twoele

pure direst fear and devilish speechin' devilish taker and devilish take

the curse of your heart
the curse of your heart of eternity ...
enjoyin' let me burn in the kingdom of flesh

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