The Celtic Winter


Call of the Black Forest

No more reign of crosses
With hanging corpses of God's son
Enough damned belles
Of false asshole's temples
I raise the ancient gods
I summon the noest spirits
I revive the ancient magic
I draw the might from the moonshine
I keep the holy fire

All for the everlasting revenge
All for the hoest masters
Lords of the black forest
Rulers of night and darkness
Gods of the ancient (aryan) Europe

Pagan winds of distant North
The might of unholy Norway's forest
Is in you
Cold, gloom and power
True evil and good
Gave us what are we waiting for the millenium
And soon the cromleches
will be full of christian blood!

We will kill in the moonshine
We will become the killers,
Shadows of each christian
Their temples will be covered by blood
We will destroy their altars
We will turn into ashes their graves

For burned witches
For lost belief and might
For pagan and heretic's blood
For trees and forest of killed druids
For our lost gods...

Hordes of Empire

Thousand of fallen angels
Rows of condemned souls
Black riders of abyss
Beast of hatred and cruelty
We arrive on the chariots of fire
We sign our way by the fire and death
Sun of darkness leads us
Everlasting lust of sin

Hands to the dead beat the kettle-drums
Damned sound of black trumpets
Tramp of horrified horses
And sinister knocking of devil's hooves

Red, fiery eyes
Fangs, claws and fire from the mouth
Mayhemed wings, bleeding in fight
Cobweb in hair and wind...

We kill, crush, burn
We trace the escaping day
And hideous condemned sun
At everlasting war
Between light and darkness

Creators of night-gods of darkness
They buried us alive
They killed our feelings
Now we are the same

We come with nocturnal wind
And red, bloody fog

Black banners with effigy of him
Red flags hus of hell
Hordes of cruelty and chaos
Emperor of unlife's forces

The Night of Fullmoon

Pagan country in the moonlight
Witches calling for their lord
Incantation of the darkside
From the book of secret world

Scream breaks off nocturnal silence
Then begins the rite of darkness

Hill in the fog
The heart of wood
Altar of goat
Infernal gloom
Nocturnal rite
Knife in the hand
Worship darkside
Bless left hand path

Pagans in the forest
In unholy common grave

Christians killed the last worshipper
but the dark cult is still living
I'm the son of pagan nation
I got a part of secret knowledge
oh Lord I kneel before Thee
Darkness and evil showed my thy name
I'm still waiting for thy return
The ancient cult will be again
Here the god of war and pain

The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness

I came, led by the stars
Spirits of the damned draw me near
Mayhemed winds showed me the way
And now I stay here, born from the wolf

Scream of pain sounds in darkness
I draw my claws in wall of fog
I scrape, scream, blood covered my scars
My fangs tear the gates to abyss

Impure spirits, you showed me the way
And now my blood becomes the key
I open this last gate
The gate to the kingdom of darkness

Black wind of the dead
Inflamed my eyes to red
My brothers, wolves, servants of the night
They came from the forest

Burning eyes among the darkness
Jaws thirsty for the blood, raised to moon
Hired, longing and fear
This is the lust night and the dawn fill never come

Curse me, my brothers
Because I lead you to death
Salvation for mayhemed souls
Souls of sons of the night in wolves bodies

We've been always and we'll be forever
Tonight we'll die and the next night
We will come from beyond the gates
Of kingdom of darkness

Gods of darkness, awoken by our sacrifice
Beast of gloom, spirits of fear
Triumph of unlife's powers
Banners of the dead smeared in blood!

Black is the ultimate colour
Darkness is the only end
Evil is the right reaction
Death is the only mercy...
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