Headhunter D.C.

1. Intro / Am I Crazy?

I don’t understand my life
I don’t understand my mind
Why we live? Why we die?
My mind is crazy
My life is a disgrace
Why we live? Why we die?

In my mind I have dreams…
In my mind I have crazy dreams…

I see the people living free
I see the world in peace
I see liberty
I see felicity

I don’t see ambition
I don’t see destruction
I don’t see war
I only see love

2. Decomposed

Life leaves your body now, you are dead
Worms dancing in your brain, into your head
Like a zombie in the night
Walking the streets
Flesh, blood and human brains, you love to eat it

Rigor mortis is complete
Blood now is like a stone
Death commands you feel the heat
In the tomb you are alone

Like a zombie in the night
Blood now is like a stone

Decomposed, your flesh is rotten
But you’re not dead
Decomposed, your skin is blue
Now go ahead…

Your flesh is rotten but you’re not dead
Walking alone, now go ahead

Killing human beings
You feel the pleasure
Destroying lives you’ll be strong

3. Death Vomit

My vomit will destroy your life
My vomit will destroy your mind
Listen to me and die
I’ll vomit in your ear

Death Vomit!!!

4. Hell Is Here

Our lives have no sense
We’re travelers without destiny
Where are we?
Where are we going to?
Be born to die?
Is this the only answer?

We were sent to live
We have no choice
We live we don’t know why
What’s the next stop?
Will we have a punishment for our “sins”?
Or will we all be pardoned?

Here, we all born
Here, we all suffer
Here, we all die…
Hell is here

Will death be our end?
Will we have another life?
Another new chance of living?
A punishment to suffer?
Can we choose?
Or won’t we have this pleasure?

5. Headhunter D.C.

The disunion reigns in the Underground
The bangers play heavy and loud
The punks play rotten and anarchic
The hardcores play fast and dirty
All with the aim to protest
But they don’t join to fight
They fight against each other
Violence is in the command

While the system destroys us
We destroy each other
We must join to destroy

Fast and anarchic
Rotten and dirty
Heavy and loud

The idiots dirt our legions
They are the cause of the disunion
They pretend they are “fuckin’”
But they only want to damage
To destroy what we conquer
You sons of a bitch
You will suffer
You will die!

6. Beneath the Hate

Horror is all that I see
I feel inside me a wish to scream
I’m dying, I can’t save myself
There’s no life only suffering

Hate and destruction contorting my sanity
To die or to kill invading my rotten mind

All of this I can’t tolerate
Look at the time that I will live
I destroy my poor heart full of worms
Planting the seed of hate and madness

I’m an innocent victim
Fighting against the fear of fear

Suffering, aggression, madness
Fear, death, blood

Beneath the hate

The obsession of power conquers my body
Explicit is the evil conspiracy
I’m trapped in my terrible destiny
‘Till the obscurity consume my remains…

7. Suicidal Soldier

Suicidal soldier’s ready to fight
His army is his life
His body is full of bombs
Ready to explode

Soldier’s ready to die
Dying to kill
Kill and die

Dying in his destiny
Killing in his victory
His attack is mortal
Having no salvation

8. Winds of Death

From the plague comes the death
The torment devastates us
The damned are reborn
All the living now are rotten

The winds are blowing
Craters are opening
Fire tempests
Ruins and death

Carcasses turn to mud
Zombies walking free
The possession is devastation
And the winds blow to beyond…

9. Prepare to Die

Death and war are the routine
Hunger, misery, pain
The world suffers
Terror, fear, disgrace
We all fell
The world is in hell
It has no salvation
We all suffer the destruction

The holocaust is coming
Nobody can escape
No need to cry
Be prepared to die

Missiles and bombs will make the attack
Soldiers marching to the death
People crying, people dying
All destroyed and the world is in the end…

10. Disunited

Disunited people
Disunited world

11. Why Wars?

Suffering, pain and loneliness
Among suicides and terror
The fear creates despair
Will this hell has an end or not?

Shouts of suffering spread out
Through the obscure
The meaning of life is to kill
Or to die now!

Death, blood, pain
Wars, why wars?

Dirty pigs fighting against themselves
Destroying themselves slowly
Just think about their own power
And fuck off the rest!

Repeat chorus:

We can’t let these sons of a bitch
Fuck everything
‘Cause one day everything is gonna finish
There will be no place for green or blue
There will be a rotten world
Where pain and loneliness will gonna reign
Above tear of blood and guilt
There’s no meaning to these things
The wars have no sense!

We don’t need them to live
We don’t need this nightmare
We need peace and awareness
That life isn’t just power and triumphs

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