Headhunter D.C.
God's Spreading Cancer...

1. Dysangelium (Intro)

“I conjure you my brethren (...)!
Break up, break up, ye discerning ones, the old tables!
(…)There is no longer any “God”, or any “sinner”, or any “Savior” (…)!
Lo! The pale criminal hath bowed his head: out of his eye speaketh the great contempt.
Only since he lay in the grave have ye again arisen.
(Write new values on new tables!)
The transvaluation of all values!...
He that hath an ear let him hear:



2. God Is Dead

Before God! Now however this God hath died! Ye higher men, this God was your greatest danger. (…)Now only travaileth the mountain of the human future. God hath died: now do we desire the Superman to live.
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” – “The Higher Man, II”)

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
The veil of ignorance has fell
The blind ones now see the truth
After centuries of lies
His holy throne has trembled…
…And the divine has tumbled in ruins
“Salvation”’s lost, “paradise”’s failed
Illusory words turned into dust

Disgrace to the corpse of God
Buried (and forgotten) in a decrepit tomb
His rotting is my delight…
God is dead!

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
Now his flock is lost
The war was won, the horror of God
The infamous race is crying
Holy lies burnt forever
By the flames of the truth
False values were broken
Good and evil are just one

Eternal pain to the father and his son
The holy ghost forever cursed
The trinity is destroyed…
God is dead!

Weakness and faith… annihilate!!!

No more gods above ourselves
Now let the truth reign supreme…

Lead: Lisboa

Heavens crumbled, God is dead
Angels perish in desolate places
Celestial chants banished forever
Victory’s hymns echo everywhere
The artificial light has been faded away
It won’t obscure my eyes anymore
Imperfect god in a perfect tomb
Eternally lies in shame

Nothingness deified in God
The will to nothingness sanctified!…
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “The Antichrist” – XVIII)
See what splendorous decay…
God is dead!

Weakness and faith… annihilate!!!

“Welcome to a godless world…
God is dead!”

“Open the doors for a new age...
God is dead!”

Repeat Chorus

3. Stillborn Messiah

Christ was born dead. Whom will mankind choose to create the fable of all fables about now?

Succumbed to the birth, fable’s incomplete
In the dirtiest of all the cradles
A bloody fetus lies
Hear the cry of the hopeless ones
Those who won’t survive
Without the taste of blood in their souls

The final breath, a dead child, the moon
The sulfurous breeze blowing
Let’s contemplate the tragic beauty of death…

Wails in vain, tears turn into blood
Before the horrible scene
In which a fallen angel begged for life
The so-called Son of God hadn’t time to bite the apple
Nor tasting the sin
It’s the end of the heaven’s dream on earth…

Christ, the fallen one:
No time enough to be praised
No time enough to “love the fellowman as for himself”…

Cursed, extinguished, denied
Aborted, ripped, nullified
Humbled, crowned, crucified
Stillborn Messiah

Lead: Nosferatus

Repeat Chorus

Lead: Lisboa

Salvation never reached, saviors never seen
Ashes of destiny thrown to the wind
By never existent hands
Other gods were usurped, other myths were sacrificed
To please their insatiable hunger
For fresh meat and ingenuousness

The messiah was born dead
No life, no resurrection
But his sons still to gnaw his rotten carcass…

…From the womb to the grave!

4. Celebrate the Chaos

In the beginning there was only chaos. Now, close to the end, what do we see? Preach the chaos and find the so dreamed harmony…

Dense darkness blacken the day
Mighty Chaos brings eternal despair
Visions of a dying world
Sceneries of a morbid fate
Cataclysms of everlasting pain
Whirls of intense agony
Scourge, wailing, famine and death
Inheritances of a senseless existence

Celebrate the Chaos to find harmony
Preach the Chaos or die painfully!

Bloodstorms flood the earth
Mankind drowned in disgrace
Torment devours your soul
Fire burns your flesh
Where’s your god now
To save you from the abyss?
The only way to survive
Is living in harmony with the Chaos

Repeat Chorus

I am the Chaos!
The place where you sleep with insects…
…The place where you eat with crows…
…The place where you tumble with the shade…

(…)One must still have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star.
(…)Yet have still chaos in you.
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” – “Zarathustra’s Prologue, V”)

Lead: Lisboa

Repeat Chorus

5. Contemplation (To the Fire)

Fire is perfect...

O grandiose and almighty Fire
Fire that burns the weak flesh of the mortals
The only torch able to guide me
Pathway to eternal life, immortality

I give myself to thee, o Fire
I kneel myself down at thy flames
I implore thee to light up this arduous path
Path towards eternal life

The contemplation has just begun
Speak to me, o Fire, and start to burn…

The Fire says: “Your bravery is admirable, man!
I’ll raise my flames and illuminate the true way.
But if the great Vulcano rejects you,
You’ll burn in my unholy flames”

Lead: Lisboa

I know, thou art eternal, the strongest!
Flames that burn the weak flesh of the mortals
That won’t burn me anymore
‘Cos now I will always walk beside thee

My realization is complete
I will never die…

6. Abortion of Souls

Do not wait for an eternity that will never come...

Abort this fantasy from your mind
Deny the “laws”, don’t be a blind
No god neither devil will be your judge
Do what thou wilt!
Break the chains of ignorance
Erase the thoughts that have no sense
Delight the pleasures of the flesh
Smile back to lust!

There’s no life after death
No hope for another breath
No soul to be saved…
Abortion of Souls

Redemption of the spirit’s a lie
All those who believe this fable must die
To finally “see” there’s no heaven nor hell
Only flesh is real!
Eternity won’t come
Only life, right here right now, is what counts
Our power, our Will, our most natural desires
So sin and sin again… and again!!!

Unleash your hate
Before it’s too late
Follow your instincts…
Abortion of Souls

Lead: Lisboa

Abortion of Souls

7. Black Miracle

If life is a miracle of light, then death is a miracle of darkness. Let’s contemplate death. Only death is real…

Nocturnal splendour, enemy of light
Majestic darkness, harvester of life
Eclipse of my sun, curser of the day
Destroyer of all hope, useless to pray

Eternities reduced to dust
Dreams painted in black
Abominations overflow
As life disappears, end’s complete

Almighty shadow that covers all mankind
Sublime coldness, emptiness divine
There’s no return, no turning back
Where once reigned the light now everything is black!

“Light that becomes ill and dies away,
Clouds’ and pitch’s vortex,
Under the dark cloak of marvelous desolation,
Shattering bodies and extinguishing souls…”

It’s a Black Miracle!
When darkness kills the light…
It’s a Black Miracle!
…And death cuts the thread of life

“Devourer of all that is living,
Imminent collapse, bringer of the eternal dark,
Colors fade away, blackness supreme,
Dreams of brightness are gone…”

Repeat Chorus

Lead: Lisboa

Repeat 3rd verse
Repeat 5th verse
Repeat Chorus

8. God's Spreading Cancer

We are the cancer of God that spreads, the splendorous God’s decay…

I am the one who washes the hands before your imminent death
I am the one whose kiss consecrates you to the abyss
I am the one who denies you for 3 times, and would deny again
I am the hand that attacks you, in one and in another face
I am the words that insult you through your tortuous ways
I am the one who tempts you in the middle of the desert
I am the last hour that precedes your crucifixion
I am the disease that slowly is spread
I am God’s Spreading Cancer…

I am the cross in which you carry the weight of your sins
I am the whip that whips you without pity nor remorse
I am the nail that nails you to your eternal habitation
I am the crown of thorns that turns you the king of the weak
I am the tip of the spear that dilacerates your heart
I am the seventh wound of your false resurrection
I am the tears of blood that drop from your eyes
I am the evil that devours your life
I am God’s Spreading Cancer…

See what I have done to your son
Now your time has come
Are you afraid to die?

So just close your eyes
And feel my final strike
Are you afraid to die?

Leads: Nosferatus / Lisboa

I am the black clouds that are formed above your head
I am the coming dawn that brings your punishment
I am 666, the number that you fear
I am the cold wind that freezes your spine
I am the black vulture that eats your rotten flesh
I am the one who keeps you through the eyes of pandemonium
I am your enemy #1, the worst of your nightmares
I am the vision of your misery
I am God’s Spreading Cancer…

9. Angelkiller (ThrashMassacre cover)

Hell’s Bells resound in the wind
Death priests invoke the Evil
A bizarre figure with the power of destruction
Evil in compact form

One night is spent
Objective is conquered
The sinister force
Of the Angelkiller

Bloody Vengeance
For those who ordered him
From the Reign of Evil
Paradise is dangerous

Angelkiller – Infernal Massacre
Angelkiller – Bloody Vengeance
Angelkiller – Destruction and Blood
Angelkiller – The End is Near…

Necromantic Rites invoke something
The priests can’t dominate
There’s no message, there’s no warning
An uncontrollable force is free

One night is spent
Objective is conquered
The sinister force
Of the Angelkiller

Evil is unchained
Death is coming
With its uncontrollable power
Hail to Hell!

Repeat Chorus

Lead: Lisboa

Black rain, highway to destruction
Hell’s scared
With the coming of a new reign of Death
And terror

Endless force, created from Evil
Born from hell
Awaiting to conquest until the end
Conflicts of the dark and light

Darkness, Death, Blood
The victory of the Angelkiller!

Lead: Nosferatus

Human mountains, rotting corpses
The smell of Death exhales in the air
Evil Forces win in the end
In his cursed reign He’s resting…


*ThrashMassacre 1986

“You’re still the Fighters of this land, owners of the Extreme Power that unleashes the Metal Possession attack through our Nuclear Minds. Let the Shadows of War keep ourselves forever Into the Nightmare to celebrate the victory of the Angelkiller. By the vision of Satan’s Fall, give to every Tyrant of this world the ThrashMassacre they deserve…”
(Sérgio “Baloff” Borges)

10. Inner Demons Rise!

Unleash your inner demons, now! Once free, they have the power to destroy anything that oppresses you. They are the key to our rebellion against the world.

Rise up and show the world
How revengeful I can be
Take my anger with you
And destroy all you can see

Spread your wings and fly
Tear up the distant skies
Leave traces of fire and blood…

Inner Demons Rise!

Rise up and show the world
How hateful I am
Fly high my enemies’ nightmare
And unleash my wrath upon them

Terror, pain and death
Is all I wish them
Now let them know my name…


And when I saw my demon, I found him serious, (…) profound, solemn: he was the spirit of gravity. Through him all things fall.
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” – “Zarathustra’s Speeches” – “Reading and Writing”)

Lead: Lisboa

Fly!… Hunt!… Crush!… Kill!!!

Now am I light, now do I fly; now do I see myself under myself.
Now there danceth a God in me.
(Friedrich W. Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” – “Zarathustra’s Speeches” – “Reading and Writing”)

Lead: Nosferatus

Fly!… Haunt!… Burn!… Destroy!!!

Inner Demons Rise!

11. Long Live the Death Cult

Through the ways of the Underground
Our legions stand so proud
With blood on our hands
We spread our Cult across the land
All dressed in black
Banging heads, breaking necks
In front of the stage
Spewing forth a bestial rage

Hear our unholy chants
Feel the everlasting hate
The flames burning inside
Dark feelings, so pure…

At war against Christ
We fight against the holy lies
Through hymns of brutality,
Heresy and blasphemy!
The inverted cross, our mark
Out of the light, into the dark
Weak souls under our domain
Be prepared, you will die in pain!

Deathbangers, unite!
So our dreams become true
Posers and wimps, beware…
Your end in near!

“Only the strongest survive!”


Leads: Lisboa / Nosferatus

Like fiends in the night
We prowl with an immeasurable might
Raising high our flag
Spreading the Cult like a plague
We are the hell on earth
Brave warriors since our birth
And until our last breath
We’ll hail the Metal of Death!

Death Metal rules supreme
The glory is ours!
Now hear our victory’s screams
Our Cult is eternal…

“This is what keeps ourselves alive!”

Repeat Chorus

Deathbangers, unite!
The saga continues…

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