Headhunter D.C.
Punishment at Dawn

1. Forgotten Existence

The words confound us
A world apart
That will hide the past
Of a persecuted life

Humanity disappears so fast
Brutality taken by assault

Slowly the light is obscured
Undefined visions
Vacuum of solitary days
Falling in the last convulsion

Existence is an illusion
Consumed by brutal ignorance

I remember things which forbidden the truth
Hypocrite mortal man detonates his blind ambition
Although there’s no return, unhappily static forgets
Through the cutting cold rests the clear mist

Hopeless existence coming from madness
Faiths are forgotten, possessed by unreal objectives
Extreme irrational act hiding secrets and truths
The forgotten existence keeps cold shadows of terror…

2. Intense Infanticide

Chaotic violence in new dimensions
Acts creating fatalities
The insane plague burns the brain
White galleries become the targets

Maniacs hungry for life
Miserable, bastards, despite of heart
Proud of their cruel mission
Kill, kill, only kill!

Their victims are innocent an new-born children
The butchers kill and cut them off

I have something to say
It’s worth never been born
‘Cause in the white gallery
The butcher will wait for you

Fast movements, one more victim
Blood on his hands
State of excitement
He’s a cureless maniac
Today is not allowed to be born
Because of the intense infanticide
Abominable murders
And the world turns to the other side…

Brutal crime, intense horror
I wish I’ll never be there
Well-judged thoughts

3. Hallucinations

Thunders shake his wasted brain
Uncertain sensations freeze his soul
It’s a special night coming back
To sour his blood all night long…

With fear he claims for help
He shouts but no one can hear
Something comes right to his eyes
Pins, shining needles
His necklace suffocates him
He throbs, sweats cold
Once begun the expected evil
Intense suffer


Wails and screams coming from every side
Too much horror, death is certain
Sensations of savage agony
Wake up from this devilish hallucination

4. Punishment at Dawn

A nation born from the void
In a time so far and so lost
Created to infect humanity
Promises of a painless life

A psychotic leader changes the destiny
Creating insane laws
Sickly thoughts suffocate them
Prophecies of chaos and despair

Cries, ‘cause of the deceived future
There’s no more hope of cure
My dumb soul accepts the defeat
Terror, the final premonition
He spitted on our face
The promises of eternal life is a lie
Betrayal, there’s no more salvation
Everybody will die
For cultivating the double essence of Christ

After this dawn the punishment will fall
This is the last moment of life
Desperate cries, too much pain and agony
To be crucified ‘till the soul…

Pools full of blood
This god will never happen
Violent suffering in the flesh
It’s the price for their beliefs
The leader dies turning cold
He’s a psychotic insane… insane!

The scum of mediocridity
I see a world punished
A shadow amorphes the area
I a world dead

“Why must we die?
We did nothing!”
The religion that saved them
Has finally killed them

Repeat Chorus

The dawn is coming!!!!!!

Religious alienation destroys
Torment tears the brain apart
Hear only a few gasps
Wretched Christ!
Spirits outside the bodies
That once kept some life
It will never happen a new dawn…

5. Bloodbath

The hate in their eyes
Will show who they are
With no bible in hands
The sin disguise themselves

Like a burning stake
An innocent soul will suffer

A virgin will be sacrificed – she will die
By slaves of darkness – doglike beings

Looking to the sky, soon she will die
Butchers touch her naked body
With a savage violence they tear her body
Pounding her brain and raping her

Orgy and lust, the rite will begin
By insatiable souls
Her body is a food, her blood is a drink
To fetid beasts
All of them bathe themselves with the blood
With the soul burning
It’s really repulsive, too much gory
This bloodbath!

They will come together again
The sacred victim they’ll not reveal
They can’t wait to possess another pure soul
Cause they will torment by a long, long time…

6. Searching for Rottenness

She’s in all around you
Trying to bring you to the obscure
Invading your mind and you can’t tell
She wants you, rotten or not

You’re imprisoned all over
And your mind slowly darkens
In her black shroud you will rot
Now death possesses you and dominates your body

Your soul roams among
The gods of torment
Where lost demons are also roaming
Silchard possesses your fearful soul
Now you are evil!

Bringing the obscure
Malignant incubator
Dominating souls
Searching for rottenness

To the living world Silchard returns
He needs to consume rotten stuff
Incubating in purulent corpses
And emanating his sickly forces to nowhere…

7. Terrible Illusion

My hallucinations regress at the time
Bringing lost mysteries
A false shadow of death
Suffocating my subconscious


They will spread the pain
Worms in their bodies
Sickly thoughts
Creating a deep depression

Cry unchaining a chaotic slaughter
Hunger, eating brains in ashes
Suffer, infecting a deep vacuum
Making a condemned future

Strange words altering the new dimension
Blame future proceeding a doom hope
New generation, cowards, silent souls
I see the world joining into a deep corrosion

Terrible Illusion

My hallucinations regress at the time
Bringing lost mysteries
A false shadow of death
Suffocating my subconscious

Turn my head – I scream
Feel much pain – I rot
Don’t defeat’em – pain
The cold wind… kills!

8. Deadly Sins of the Soul

A religious man feels good about to execute the laws of God
The sinner feels good about to break the laws o God
Pride, avarice, lust, rage, gluttony, envy, laziness
Are the seven capital sins works of the Devil or God?

“I’ve always followed ardorously the laws of God
Was I right or acted like a fool?”

I’ve never prided myself and never had everything I wanted
I’ve never realized the pleasures of the flesh and never have
attempted against the fellow being
I’ve never ate excessively and never have invited anyone
I’ve never waited something fall from the sky
I’ve always worked hardly to serve the will of God

God says: “You must accomplish my laws and never attempt against the fellow being”
The Devil says: “You must violate the whole of the laws and attempt against the fellow being”
Now buried and forgotten in this tomb
I feel so much for having not satisfied
My desires of a human beig
Of sin and realize himself

“I cry out for having lived a life without sense.
God could have mercy for me and let me realize the deadly sins of the soul…”

Repeat Chorus

Death was certain for a life without sense
If regret kills I’d die for two times
Now God says nothing to me
Maybe the Devil has pity for me?

“Rage, fury, intense indignation
In cataracts of fire, blood and gall
In whirlwinds of sulfurous smoke
And enormous forms of energy
All the seven deadly sins of the soul
In living creatures appear’d
In the flames of eternal fury…”
(preludium by William Blake’s “The First Book of Urizen”)

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