Godslastering: Hymns Of A Forlorn Peasantry

1. Upon Frigid Winds

Almighty force of the damned
Awakened by eons of pain
Born of destruction and carnage
Brought to light once again
Upon frigid winds we ride
Blaze the path of retribution
Clashing of mere mortal weaponry
Force of evil remains eternal

Scars of the flesh will not deter
The drive of of darkness’ force
Rip and maim the opposition
With no shred of human remorse
With utmost faith in evil’s curse
Move forth in the shroud of night
Heed the peasant’s call to rule the land
By gleaming of dawn’s light

To beyond - the sanctioned suffering we shall no longer abide
To retrieve - the reign of evil once lost
Ride on - in triumphant procession
Hail the darkness - drive forth the pursuit of carnal freedoms

Upon frigid winds

Almighty force of the damned
Awakened by eons of pain
Born of destruction and carnage
Brought to light once again
Upon frigid winds we ride
For an eternity if need be

2. Creature of Demonic Majesty

A golden flag waves over head-march forth with hate
The symbol of the chosen land and what lies beyond the gate
No price paid can deter the loyal legions of the beast
Into battle to suffer for the creature of demonic majesty

Endless war
Battle is the blood of the beast
Trample the fallen
Torn flesh drives the will to defeat

Long have fought the able ones for the land the creature blessed
Long have died the able ones with beast emblazoned upon their chests
Days and nights of unceasing might unleashed upon the hordes
Inherent will to stand and fight as the implement of it’s horns

Endless war
Battle is the blood of the beast
Trample the fallen
Torn flesh drives the will to defeat

The treaded path will never fade when trodden as it wills
Creature of demonic majesty feasts but never fills
No holy rite can wash away the power the beast creates
Uphold the torch of evil’s will and march forth with hate

3. Sown in Barren Soil

Through pangs we work the land
With pain of bloodied, blistered hands
A weathered plane where life has ceased
Demanded praise from papal beasts

Ground is turned to no avail
That once bountiful proven frail
The well of eternal splendors has dried to holy endeavors
Warding off the bitter cold, cloaked in disease ridden hides
Withered spirits worked down to bone by deliverance through sacrifice

Sown in barren soil
Scant harvest is the omen of sorrow
Sown in barren soil
The noose of famine hangs for all to see

Long has been foretold the exhausting plight of man
Though withered torn and cold, through hardship we shall stand
No solace is sought in allegiance to those who suffer not
The hunger takes our strength, but our wills can not be fought

Shepherd peoples with your scepter
The flock of your possession
That dwells itself in the woodland
In the midst of a fruitful field
Let them feed in the promised land as in the days of old
Until then we reap abysmal yields
Sown in barren soil

4. De Dijle

Door het huilende woud
Loop ik een verlaten pad
Nooit gebonden nooit ongedwongen
Voor altijd een met wortel en aarde

Een glinsterende stroom verleidt mij
Ik tuur vanaf de waterkant
Op een bodemloze groeve
Voor een zinkende geest

Op maanverlichte pad volg ik een geluid zo puur
Het trekt mij aan als een nieuwsgierig kind
Hoewel ik voel dat ik voor altijd verloren ben
Geef ik gehoor aan de oproep van een oorverdovend lot

In de rustige heide wonen de verbannen zielen
Die dansen in betoverende duisternis
De belofte van stilte en breking van doodstrijd
Wiegt mij in eeuwige sluimer

5. Purgations of Bodily Corruptions

Mist will rise from bloodshed on frosted fields
Pestilent tithes extinguish life and crushing yields
The twisted knife to purge and bleed
Eclipsed with plague
Carries death with moonlight veil

Damnation’s call to me
In time of tragedy
Winter’s noose-like grip
Attack of mace and whip

Frigid winds blow strong through the barren plains
Death sweeps through the city with extreme ferocity
Hooves tread upon the freshly turned ground
Famine’s victims devoured by hell’s hounds

Purgations of bodily corruptions
Votive offerings
Prayers unheard
The pain of life’s defeat
A withered life in fragile hands
Damned to be disinterred

6. Lowland Famine

Mother of famine benighted in blood
The common man’s plague helpless to the inevitable
How can you demand such suffering of those devout?
You’ve razed the fields and brought forth drought
A future of grimness awaits those who stay blind
Some pathetic tome or the passing of time
Waste not want not the flesh of those lost
Those bound to work thresh the yield dead from frost

Upon the moon I gaze
A lowland vision appears
I call upon you mother
Absolve us of our fears
But the night sky yields no forgiveness
No resolution from that which plagues
A cold and dreary silence is the answer to our prayers

Mother of sufferance will punish unmercifully
Candidly she watches
And revels in our agony

You have taken that which affords us life as if snuffing out a dying flame
Gratitude is no satiation
For your hunger it will not cease
On our fears, our pain, our peasantry
With devastating appetite our mother glibly feasts

Upon the moon I gaze
A vision of lowlands lost
I plead with you: oh mother
Why have you plagued us with such frost
A black sky yields no forgiveness
No solution for that which maims
I hear our mother’s laughter
As her children endure such loss

7. A Forlorn Peasant's Hymn

Ik lig hier naast een wilgenboom
Vergeet mijn leed in blijde droom
Een merel in een verre heg
Zong luide van vergane dag

Ik dacht aan’t lang verlaten huis
Ik hoorde weer het zacht geruis
Dat s’avonds door de linde ging
Oh wat een blij herinnering

Nog peinzend zie ik t’bloedend rood
En schreed dan in ten groten dood
En stilte zong de avond wind
Gebeden voor dood mensenkind

A trail of fallen kin lie before me
As far as my tired eyes can see
A bloodred horizon to illuminate my path
I hear their cries as they share in my agony

Eternal winter brings crushing despair
I beg to be blessed by slumber
Dreams of death’s embrace flood my thoughts
May in cradle me forever
Destined to carry the torch of time
Frost bitten fields is where I belong
Alas I sing a forlorn hymn
As the peasantry works on

8. From Whence an Ancient Evil Once Reigned

From the whispers of long lost tongues
A tale is deciphered of the olden days
When evil reign held courtship o’er the lands
And beasts of untold might grazed upon the fields

From cracks within the weathered stone
A fog of ancient wisdom beckons
It envelops the very heart of my being
And calls do the depths of my soul

An Illicit freedom to behold
Devoid of holy inhibitions
A path of darkness blazed through lands bereaved

I heed the call of medieval darkness
From whence an ancient evil once reigned

Douse the light of the fickle flame
Unveil thyself or fade away forever
Lie in wait to rule again
A clear path forms for evil’s heir apparent
A primal invocation uttered
No longer mute in subservient reverie
Born to reign in pristine succession
By the accursed blue flame of blasphemy

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