The Enemy of Fetters and the Dweller in the Woods (digital)

1. To Meditate upon the Face of Forgotten Death


2. The Final Godhead

In transcendence unto the final level
Channeling souls into the pillars
Vibrating the old words into resonance
The transformation shall begin

Throw off the yokes and shackles
Of human decrepitude
The fallacy of unknowledge
To feed from the real pool

We are the pillars
We are real sight - sublime
We are the black holes
The transformation has begun
We are held in earnest
The work shall be done
On this human clay

Curse the shuffling masses!
Pluck out their empty eyes!
I am the god accendent
Tranformed through transcendence
Shall eyes be uncovered?
Shall more follow my path?
If Metatron was a man
The archetype lives on...

Throw off the yokes and shackles
Of human decrepitude
The fallacy of unknowledge
To feed from the real pool

3. A Paean to the Vermin

I shall hate thee
I shall burn thee
I shall smash thee
Your bones shall be ashen

Ravens pick out thine eyes
Fire burn off thine hair
I should like to crush thy skull - underfoot

I would curse thee
I would stab at thee
I would spit at thee
I would see the as ash

Thine genitals burned away
Thine head cut away
I shall crucify!
Revel in thy pain!

4. Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores (Disembowelment cover)

All is calm, all is quiescent-the colour magenta,
The afternoon breeze finds its way to my soul,
AsI sit there and enhance the tranquillity,
The solace of sensory magic, Irreplaceable nirvana,
My body feels the effect of blood-letting,
The winds brought in from the south coast replace
Such drainful inhabitance,
My eyelids voluntarily close as the blue horizon line takes shape,
Stretching out far beyond the sun,
The sound of the blue, an eternity of complete aquiescence,
I cannot move, nor do I need to, for it is enough to lie on the cliff
And become entrapped in a world of escapism and peace,
Cerulean transience of all my imagined shores,
A bird of the ocean perches before me
And lets out a shriek which transcends me back,
Back to where I write,
And the calm breeze continues to enter my peripherial

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