Where the Last Wave Broke

1. Where The Last Wave Broke

How does it feel?
To welcome the new day
Not worth saving
To fall down on own imprudent acts
The wind answers quietly
Clears the black smoke far thick to see
Unfolds the true nature of man

"And this fire it burns
Consuming us all
Withered garden for posterity
Inheritance in flames"

"When the mankind moves
Rest of the life shakes
All once green turned into stone
Flesh into dust and soil
Where the last wave broke
The shores blazed red
And place once called home
Turned into hall of dead"

How does it feel?
Bite the hand that feeds you
Poison the well that waters you
Prospects made from castles of sand
Legacy in barren land

Breed, greed, bleed
Legacy in barren land
The last wave broke
Prospects made from castles of sand

2. Into The Evernight

Listen to the night, hearken to the silence
The wind sings in fir-trees, forest's music rings
Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing
Soothing is the choir, murmur of the trees

Time to forget all the heartache and pain
Time to leave behind all the toil and travail
Here where the water mirrors a still sky
Here a fair place for a child to lie

Under the woeful sky, moss-grown our bed tonight

Here we sprawl in mellow darkness
In warm caress of the night
Far away from worlds betrayals
Afar from all the Heavens might

Better to dream, far sweeter to slumber
Than face the cold days, bear the grim longing
Time to rest a while, close the drowsy eyes
Sleep till the dawn, till the bleak morning

Heed not the rustle or hoots of the owl
Heed not the ghosts that still dwell in the soul
Night brings us solace and serenity deep
Night brings at last neverending sleep

Better it would be to sleep forever
In silent shades of the evernight
Sweet are the dreams in the groves of death
Far away from the earthly woes

Sound is the sleep under spruces boughs
Serene are the dreams in the darkling shade
Gone are the cares of the waking world
Forgotten the sorrows of the weary heart

3. The New Beginning

Another break of dawn
Forces the shadows recede
Breaks the barrier of clouds
Blaze a trail for the light

In the arms of white soil
Lies a fallen boy
Left alone to freeze to death
Grown numb in the cold

This is the new beginning
Start with a clean sheet
Redemption of the liberty
Freedom through the bloodshed

When hatred old for centuries
Poisons the minds of sane
Distrust kills all the kindness
Envy slain the ideal

Demise of spirit and flesh
No victory in death
Only the defeat remains
When the sons take fathers' lives

What good can come out of this?
Is this the price we must pay?
Redemption of the liberty
Freedom through the bloodshed

This is the new beginning
Rebirth through devastation
All the hope of a nation
In the hands of few

Another chapter in common story
Nothing new under the sun
This is the new beginning
Sad ending to others

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