Hostmorke (1995)

1. Neslepaks
2. Landet Og Havet
3. I Kamp Med Kvitekrist
4. I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Aasen
5. Over De Syngende Oede Moer
6. Thornspawn Chalice
7. Total Death

1. Neslepaks

Paa den ottende dagen slukte han alt vann
og paa den niende dagen fordervet han all mat
og paa den tiende dagen brant han jorden
og paa den ellevte dagen slo han folk og dyr ihjel
og paa den tolvte dagen kvalte han himmeriket
og paa den trettende dagen skygget han for solen
saa var der ingen dager mer

torneherren speiles i ødelagt liv mens
sorgengler regner fra
oven til kosmos’ endeløse tidsrom skjenker vi
den siste død

[Neslepaks - The creation (as in biblical history) spelled backwards,]
[as you probably know, according to the bible the world was created]
[in 7 days, the lyrics describe the next 6 days:]

on the 8th day he devoured all water
and on the 9th day he destroyed all food
and on the 10th day he burned the earth
and on the 11th day he beat people and animals to death
and on the 12th day he strangled heaven
and on the 13th day he blocked the sun

Then there where no more days

The ThornMaster is mirrored in ruined lives,
while angels of sorrow rains from above
To the endless time of cosmos,
we give the last death.

2. Landet Og Havet

[The land and the Sea, the lyrics are a tribute to Norway]

3. I Kamp Med Kvitekrist

[At war with Christ, quite pleasing lyrics about]
[killing all who believes in "him".]

4. I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Aasen

[In a pine by the Northern Hills]

5. Over De Syngende Oede Moer

[Over the singing desolate wallows (i'm unsure about the last word here)]

6. Thornspawn Chalice

Emerging, from the abyss of black hearts (souls)
Behold, the rise of the flaming trinity
Come forth high priests of impurity
Dwellers of the deeps of the Painking Sea
Mourners of Life, Yearners of Death
Who fills their chalice with Thornspawn visions
Embrace symbols of That Night without end
Glory. Glory. Armageddon.
Chant Damnations Hymns
(make) Bloodsmeared ripping love to our souls and flesh
Rape out hateful hope in Daimonion Communion
For we are draped in shadows
Until the night of the Rising Unholy Three....

7. Total Death

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