Limbonic Art
A Legacy Of Evil

1. A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
2. A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
3. Grace By Torments
4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
5. Legacy Of Evil
6. Lycanthropic Tales
7. Nebulous Dawn
8. Seven Doors Of Death
9. Twilight Omen
10. Unleashed From Hell

1. A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
This is the genesis of a traumatic voyage
As you fall into a deep sleep
Beyond the point of no return

Once you have looked into the abysmal darkness
You carry it with you as a legacy for the rest of your life
The sky is a lonely place, an endless consuming space
Embrace the silent waves of cosmos
As the astral ocean rise in high tide

A magic flame inside of me
Burns with lust and desire
I watch the dying sun
As it fades into the horizon of crimson fire
The paranormal darkness is now descending
Invasion of my mind, heart and soul
As reality shatters around me
I feel the changing the metamorphosis

The night belongs to the predator
To the one who dares crossing the threshold
The axis of dreams and wonders and black miracles
I see my self in the mirror of your eyes
A dark star on the celestial beautiful midnight sky
Release the inner radiance of what you have become
Brighten the night with your sacrifice

I have returned to life to speak of clairvoyance
I am the voice from the grave land of memories
Life can be only an illusion and death a temptation
A final destiny

A cosmic funeral of memories

2. A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
I close my eyes and transcend
Beyond the light to a dark world without end
The spirit escapes the temple of flesh
As seductive winds of madness
Absorbing me in to the cryogenic system

A void of lifeless dreams

Enter a galactic domain
Frozen in time and space
A new infinity of serenity
Interstellar voyage
The spirit escapes the temple of flesh
Into the sphere of mystified gloom
A cosmic funeral of memories

A void of lifeless dreams

Sarcophagus panorama

A mania to explore the enigma
Isolated celestial corpse
Astral embryonic life form
Invocation of the dormant realms

A void of lifeless dreams

3. Grace By Torments
Underneath the ice of winter
There is a stream so powerful
A dark river that will swallow your soul

As it twist into form
You dwell in a cold dark void
Frozen and lifeless dreaming
Deep down in the darkness screaming

When pain comes to power
All the sorrows of the heart
Leading your soul astray
To a realm of agony

As it twist into form
You dwell in a cold dark void
Frozen and lifeless dreaming
Deep down in the darkness screaming
All you have left is death's desire for you

A black hole
Well of souls
Icy breath
Stone cold death
Darkness calls
As heaven falls to earth

4. Infernal Phantom Kingdom
A grim darkened spirit
In a world of woe
Imprisoned evil beauty
From the cold depths below
Linger in perpetual dream state
In the grip of a powerful rage

Summon the oblivion
Hear demons call from the dungeon
Light has forever abandoned this land
Life has forsaken this souls
Reaching out from the cold
A dark and hellish void
Beyond the entrance of imagination

Infernal phantom kingdom

After years of dormancy
In a cosmic mausoleum
Arcane cemetery
The soil is cursed and sour
A rotten landscape draped in horror
Evil has a way of returning
You can not hide from hell's eye
It is always burning
A way of returning

5. Legacy Of Evil
The night has a legacy of evil
Nocturnal dream scapes
Wilderness of infinite disharmony
In an isolated aspect eternally
A maze inside your brain
That leads into the insane
Abyss of fear, illusions and despair

Something ghastly is passing by
The full moon in the sky
See the coming hurricane of terror
Ancient sadness and horror
A virulent syndrome of misanthropy
Captured by the obscure mystery

Is it really freedom?
Outside these black walls of hatred

6. Lycanthropic Tales
As the storm looms over the frozen landscape
A call from the beginning of time
Out of darkness through the mist

Requiem in blood and fire
Symbols of occult desire
Through the cosmic vortex
The gate to unknown darkness
An esoteric voyage to eminent discovery
I am the deathlike shadow
Architect of black mysteries

The time stood still at midnight
A phantom in the moon light
I was reborn through electric flames
From the dark cosmic universe
I was possessed

When my inner evil confessed
The devil shaped me into form
In a perfect trance a dark romance
In the silence of the night
I adapted to the beast in my soul

Lycanthropic tales
The dark demon prevails
A seed of moon dementia
The dark demon prevails
Lycanthropic tales
A call from the beginning of time

7. Nebulous Dawn
Dark atmospheric winds
Are striking towards earth
Nihilistic cosmic force
Asteroid curse

A blazing phenomenon
Launching through the skies
A deadly impact, tempest chaos
Utterly devoid of life
Fountains of fire rise from the lava chambers
Columns of smoke darken the sky
And covers the landscape in ashes
Storms with the anatomy of disaster
Immense swirling winds

A titanic explosion
Echoes over the earth
Apocalyptic spawn
Nebulous dawn
Fountains of fire rise from the lava chambers
Columns of smoke darken the sky
And covers the landscape in ashes
Storms with the anatomy of disaster
Immense swirling winds

An epic eclipse of the sun
A rebirth of desolation
When the cold silence reigns
Darkness sweeps the face of earth
With infesting freezing torments
Across the desert wastelands
Cataclysmic events

8. Seven Doors Of Death
Woe be unto him who ventures near
Without knowledge
Ultra violent scenarios
Anguish crying
Images from the beyond
Nightmares never dying

Within the realm of desperation
Seeking lexis of illumination
Psychological terror, permanent psychosis
A sculpture in the land of decay
Woe be unto him who opens
The seven dreaded gateways

Asylum of neurotic minds
Devour all consciousness
Insanity is there to find
Dominion of darkness

Restless days and sleepless nights
Drawn in the direction of the moon
Infernal magnet to mysterious destiny
Beyond the grave of doom

Walk and dream amongst the dead
Anger and pain resurrected
Necropolis manifestation
Supernatural obsession
Phantasmagorical state of mind
Trapped in another dimension of time
In a paradise lost
Endless horizon of wilderness and holocaust

9. Twilight Omen
I salute thee, baptizer of my soul
Dear pagan master let thy universe unfold
Show me the sign of the midnight sky
I will forever follow until dawn's early light
From the ashes a fire shall be woken
From the shadows words shall be spoken
Star constellation
A burning circle of serpent eyes
Esoteric mysteries of unknown life

I had a vision in a dark cryptic dream
Floating in the universe ethereal cosmic streams
My soul had black wings and triumphant I did fly
I rode the storms and the midnight sky
I saw the thousand lights
From cities underneath me
As I ventured deeper into the night
To that sacred place beyond
The twilight zone

Open the mind to the dark secrets of the soul
The atmosphere is electrical, condition paranormal
Watch the setting sun and the rising moon
Crossing over to a different sphere
Passing through the membrane
The window to the other side

Twilight omen

10. Unleashed From Hell
Back from the dead
Across the axis of dreams
A malicious hunger
The bloodline still streams
I am a martyr of the dark side
A tyrant in soul and flesh

Triumphant I stand in a blaze of fire
As dark silhouettes of dancing shadows
Caress me with desire
I rise from the abyss below

A disciple of darkness
Bound to this earth
The spirit wander
In a realm of emptiness
I am a martyr of the dark side
A tyrant in soul and flesh

My art is a reflection, a mirror of tormented images
A labyrinth of morbid minds cathedral halls of stone
Abysmal ruins

Walking a path of putrefied flesh
In the garden of rotting sculptures
Everything dwells in an aura of death
And the presence of nocturnal vultures

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