Limbonic Art
Spectre Abysm

1. Demonic Resurrection

Sinister manifestations haunt in the dead of night
An odious visitation, hellish omens defy
Ungodly voices of devastation

In the ascendant, solely malignant
Rise in power and influence

With remorseless cruelty, nightmares assail
Spirits of impurity, shall prevail

A trancelike terror creeps into the mind

Incur the malevolence of darkness
Reflections of malediction
Morphed from the blackest void of evil

Demonic resurrection

Black amorphous shapes, ride on stygian waves
Nightmares incarnate, inhuman spirits awake

Diabolical forces are formidable
It curses the mind and tears apart the soul
Infestation, oppression, possession
Demonic resurrection

Ride on stygian waves of the black aether
To bring forth havoc (upon this earth)
Sowing seeds of torment

2. Ethereal Traveller

Rise and float in the air
Darkly dreaming minds aware
Eyes seeking adventure
Through the vast profundity obscure

Dark ascension, secret obsession
An infinite tract of spectral haze
Unconstructed dreamspace

Ethereal traveler

Comtemplation, observation
Emanations from the cosmic flame

Travel in other realms and dimensions
Beyond the realm of the mortal world
Beyond earthly limitation
Endless adventures awaits

I travel across an ocean of stars
Farseeing dimensions, regions afar
Spiritual sights, visions supreme
Spun from ethereal mist and dream
Mystical voyage of the soul
Into spheres aeons-old

Ethereal traveler

3. Omega Doom

Enter boundless obscurity
Face the complete unknown
In exile from divinity
Damned to perdition

Behold the untold oceans
Of darkness beyond
Aghast visions
Forbidding aeons

In a dark godless void
On the outer edges of misery
Disequilibrium ad infinitum
Omega doom

Reach the boundaries of the universe
And enter the eternal abyss of nothingness
In the lightless depths of cosmos
Damnation awaits, nonexistence

4. Requiem Sempiternam

Dark shadows dance around
The flames of funeral pyres
Hallucinations of death

5. Triumph of Sacrilege

Ancient serpent, darkly malignant
Creator of deadly sins
Vile seduction, spiritual corruption
Septem, peccata, mortalia

Lurking in the shadows
Both wicked and lustful
Grand evil tempter of souls

Sathanas rex mali et daemonum

Eyes so intense, passion so fierce
Enchant my soul, seduce my flesh
The power of darkness compels me
Evil spirits commands me

Be the victor, be triumphant
Unholy flame of carnal desire
Vanquish the enemy
All that's holy

Fiery spirit, glory won

6. Disciplina Arcani

My thoughts in darkest silence merge
Whispering spheres of ancient sin
Secrets dark and untold
Adventures of the occult
Clandestine rites are held
In the gathering gloom
Accompanied by serpents
The stars and the moon
Mystic circle
Discipline of the arcane
Dark unearthly voices
Whispers my name

Nocturnal winds
Ascension of shadows
A yearning deep within
I must follow

7. Through the Vast Profundity Obscure

Carry me into the shadowy realm of dreams and illusions
Where the streams of life and death serenely glide
Beyond the mystified, void of spectre light
I watch in awe and silence

The unexplained
None can resist the shadows lure
Surreptitious mindscapes
Through the vast profundity obscure

Touched by the dark aesthetic grace of the night
Strange primaeval yearnings, powers recondite
It calls for me, pleading me to enter

Absolute inapprochability
Fearful and fascinating mystery
A mystery that creates fear and yet fascinates

By the mystic arts of the dark
Stars illuminate my obscure path
Sleeping with ghosts, dancing with shadows
Mysterium tremendum et fascinans

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