Arrayed Claws

1. Disharmonic Feticism

so that nothing correspond
intolerance to the familiar
orgasmic grate
reposing trust in the lag
like an addicting remand
misaligning spring of disorder
and his prolific pollen
will strangle this illusion
to fool the motionless ring of our Hour

2. Abstract Trap

arrayed claws
waiting for your sleep
warnings chocked
by frantic breaths
tireless hands
carving ruts
that tomorrow
a masked insight
will offer
the illusion of your will
while roaming them
taking confidence
into the dormant labyrinth
by eager fates
between 1000 shining dawns
like blades

3. Toybodïm

miserable parasite
the cowardice inebriates your void
hidden haughtiness
allegiance frighten your rotten self
envy is your fuel
unable to fight
addicted slander
agog to betray
for a minute of attention
scandalized like a pharisee
when is time to harvest
your seeded rotten mud
tasting for an instant
the same flavour of your blind infamy

4. Süt-aq-Köl


5. Aus Nebel Turm


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