Lost Life
The Cur(s)e of Karma

1. Distress in the Limbus

now you‘re finally dead, you exhaled your life
the body left on earth, the seizure for the worms

your spirit starts a journey, into another foreign world
the soul must be purified until the cycle goes on

nothing is left but your filthy astral body
there is a place in limbo reserved only for you

the pain you had in your last life is already forgotten
and the agony that now impends can‘t be compared to anything you know

first when your soul is drowning in the cleansing flames
your sorrow will raise to a new level

the most painful place in universe
is the first step to a new state of suffering
all you lived through in your past are balanced in eternity
all your thoughts and all your doings affected the punishment you achieve
one single life is already enough to face the worst nightmares you can imagine,
thrown into the lava to all the other countless tortured creatures

before you can reincarnate again this ritual must be finished,
it‘s not your first time and it‘s also not the last time for you

in the cleansing flames of eternity we all will bleed

no one is save from the limbonic imposition
and nobody can be prepared to the horror that is expected

terrifying noises that only can be heard by the dead sounding out of the limb

absolutely nothing will be anatoned, everyone is equal in the fire
although you‘ll experience the worst pain your soul is left unscarred

looking forward to enjoy the pleasure of pain, you won‘t get the same alive

2. Manifest of Doom

in this times of great depressions
i‘m waiting for the whole decay
the future of mankind is gone
and the final chapter‘s on the run

i feel this hellish atmosphere that surrounds every single being
the aura of all fades to black, hell is here on earth
on the bottom of spiritual power, a ceremonial suicide
the limited skills of mankind ousted by the true might

their minds are their coffins, their habits are their nails
all of them dug their own graves on those i will piss
there‘s nothing more left for them so they‘re running to their fanes
a drowning man will catch at a straw, but it‘s the wrong one

their spirits are intoxicated, their eyes are blind
they can‘t hear the truth and can‘t feel the demise
too long they praised the wrong gods, they spurned the right values
and i am proud to be the one that calls for retribution

i praise the death, the final form of existence
and i can‘t wait to see them on the other side
the joy of seeing how they suffer is my supremacy
cleansing from abomination is their destiny

3. The Curse of Karma

wasting life-essence for no certain purpose
bestial personal gratification

reckless dominance, oppression and might
i am the lord, you are my slave
i delight in your sorrow, i am the salt in your wounds
sadistic control, joy for pain
your life is so worthless to me
conscience-proof i rape your soul,
you will never be the same again

a tortured soul is left to die
to receive salvation in the afterlife
and no exploit will be unpunished
when you‘re confronted with your origin

it is your own fault when you waste your life
that just shows that you‘re only goddamn weak
i don‘t have any mercy with a slight soul like yours
you‘ll get your retribution judged by universe

4. Planet Virus

all life on earth will decline soon
because of the shit crawling on this soil
every second humanity breathes
is another step to the abyss
they prayed too long to the wrong gods
but then they acted like they are divine

so they opened the door for the black energy
for all misery and plagues

attraction for misfortune comes out of human hands
asininity of mankind brings their merit death
i‘m not ashamed to be a man but i‘m ashamed of mankind

this planet is facing its downfall
it‘s a virus that‘s fed by greed and destruction
first when the last man dies this disease is defeated

the best cure was developed by the cause of this plague

to erode this virus from inside is the most effective solution

the earth already started its retaliation
to free itself from this parasite
and it first will stop when mankind‘s wiped out
to pay for the sins, the whole period of this reckless kind
blood must be shed to cleanse the surface

there‘s no escape from this process, delay‘s unfeasible
take your last devotions, prepare yourself to die
your supplications will be unheard
the time has come
the end is near

5. Ethereal Revelation

burning pain through the veins, chilling skin
no clear thoughts, sleazy scum runs down the chin,

i am trapped in my own body, there is no way to escape

sedated and controlled, the heartbeat slows down
i’m staring at the ceiling, my headaches are my crown
all i can do is waiting to come back to life again
my eyes are shut, i hope the effect will wane.

i know i made a mistake, but now it is too late

i opened my mind again for all the demons around me,
they‘re creeping into my brain, inside me they set their seed free

i am haunted by the demons

i should quit that all and leave all this behind
it is an essential inner war inside my own mind
by now it‘s a part of me, can‘t remember how it was like before
the demons are a part of me, i can‘t exist without them any more

it will never end as long as i am alive

6. Orders from the Transcendency

once there was this hateful unit
that spread nothing but angst
fearless strugglers dressed in black
infamous known in the whole land
devastation is what they left behind
so nobody offered resistance
they took so many lifes
and then one day it was all over

those who died are still present
although they have no shell any more
but they live on in the minds of thousands
that inherited these certain habits
so the flame keeps burning and the hate‘s still rampant
this is our elixir, it‘s the reason why we‘re here

their souls now suffer in purgatory
and so do ours when we are dead

7. Erratic Soul

through tortures of a thousand years
to an existence without any aim
thrown away to universe
restless floating in nothingness
my being is forgotten, my names are lost
all i’ve ever been is cast away
suffering for all my sins
i wish myself back to the womb

my erratic soul is lost in my dead world
but i can‘t deny my faults and the demon I have been

there‘s no way out, my eternal fate
i’m drowning by reclusion
rid of mortal emotions
i am one with the cosmos

the effect decreases, my ambience gets clear again
i am back on earth with an experience so weird
left with chilling skin and minds full of strain
just went through everything mankind ever feared

lost in eternity, subsistence dissolved
divinity is all i am, touching universal formation
enlightened by the knowledge I’m still by myself
my spirit is resting in suspense while my body‘s still on earth

it happened again

8. Unleash the Beast

being so called depressive and cold although that was never said.
can‘t accept that lies any more, i‘m just fucked up, that‘s all

fuck this crap and this image, to be sensitive and weak
i‘m not a part of this scene, don‘t want to be counted to the streak

go fucking kill yourself, if your life‘s so damn shit
i‘ll help you to end your life, you got my blessing for this pleasure

you seem to hate your life, representing emptiness
but deep down in your heart, you just seeking for attraction

i‘m so sick of this attitude, and how it turns the wrong way.
where are all the pioneers gone, that had the strength and power.

go fucking kill yourself, there‘s no place for the weak.

come down to real depression, to the depths of human sickness, where no light is to be found.
start a fight in your inner self, with the worst diseases, that nothing can be worse.

find your inner demon, don‘t try to win the fight
let him become visual, let the day turn into night.
unleash the beast in you.

i know where my demon is, i know how to unleash him
to be destructive not weak, that‘s how it always should be

free yourself from emotions, close your eyes, force the strength,
forget your weak values, rise yourself to a new state.

unleash the beast

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