Major Arcana

1. When Horned Souls Awake

The sun has eclipsed
holy angels wept
his wounds shall bleed again
when horned souls awake

rise, the Cainian tribe
rise, disciples of light
the altars bathed in blood
when horned souls awake

we are the claws of eagle
drops of fiery rain
so tremble you sheep of god
when horned souls awake

2. Love

Her name was Water
Fire was His name
you can still walk their traces
in the forest of delights
two first lovers ever
Heaven-She & He-Hell
two so different elements
caught in equilibrium

yes, yes, touch gently my skin
let the blood boil in your heart, in your veins
dance with me
dance on me
let me show you how do I look inside

O, mightiest Queen
wearing crown of roses
give me the blessings
with your sacred fruit of love
O, mightiest Queen
to thee I bow
I am the servant
of your nakedness

Love is the Law
Love is for the Strong
Warriors - if you can see my Naked Sword
Kings - don?t we all have the Throne of Dreams
Angels - can?t you see the shadow of my Wings expended ?

3. Burn

Oh smoke, sweet smoke around
the sky turns black covering eye of sun
riding the demon of wrath
I bring the fire
I am revenge
the heart of the storm
what a beautiful landscapes around
that ruby glares
in the spilled wine
(or is it a blood? their blood?)
the night is so bright
as the stars have fallen down

oh smoke, more smoke around
inferno crawled upon the earth
yeah, it must be the hell itself
i was the one who has shown them the way
from splendor to ashes
from might to dust

he cannot hide now
the war has begun

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