Grim Scary Tales

1. Locusta

Locusta was one of the first serial killers recorded in historyShe lived in ancient Rome and her killing method was poisoningNero's Mother was the wife of the Emperor ClaudiusShe decided to hire Locusta for her killing servicesA dish of poisoned mushrooms caused the death of ClaudiusShe was lated called upon to kill his son BritannieusLocusta was caught and paid for her crimes in a manner that was typicalShe was raped by a trained giraffe then torn apart by animals

2. Nero's Inferno

In ancient pagan Rome, the entertainment of those times
Took place in huge arenas where the people could unwind
As helpless Christians were fed to the starving animals
They watched and cheered and thought the pastime was enjoyable
Though all the Caesar's of Rome were depraved and perverse
Everybody said that Nero the Caesar was the worst

Nero's inferno
Rome must have been like a giant sterno
Nero's inferno
Nero played his lyre as he watched the burning Rome

When he was young he liked to prowl around the streets at night
Attacking men on their way home
Killing them with a knife
Then later in life he would dress in skins of animals
A leaping from a den
Attacking people tied to poles
With men and women tied to stakes
Unable to defend themselves
Nero would attack them biting off their genitals


He wanted a new palace home
and so he burned down Rome, it's Nero's inferno
The palace that he lived in wasn't good enough for him
It's Nero's inferno
A sudden fire did appear as Nero played his lyre,
it's Nero's inferno
He blamed the Christians for the fire but Nero was a liar, it's Nero's inferno
He castrated a boy named Sporus and dressed him as his bride
At this wedding they made torches of the Christians for their light
He tore out his mother's womb to see where he came from
He burned down Rome and played his lyre
and blamed the Christians
Rome rejected Nero and called him public enemy
He stabbed himself in the throat
Helped by his secretary

3. The Black Knight

Born in fourteen o four
Gilles De Rais came from a family of knights
He was known as a great hero and worst villain during his life
In the Hundred Years' War he served as lieutenant for Saint Joan of Arc
During the second half of the War as they struggled but made their mark

Gilles De Rais was the man
Aristocrat in his homeland
Gilles De Rais was the man
A hero in his homeland

Gilles De rais played a crucial role in France's greatest victories
So he was named the Marshall of France at the age twenty
It wasn't only in the military Rais shared Joan of Arc's mission
He was a devout Catholic and a believer in her holy (visions)


After Joan of Arc's execution and his victory at Lagny
Rais came home and waged war against kids in his vicinity
He would sodomize the children, mostly boys but girls as well
Rais would kill and cut them open and masturbate on their entrails

[Chorus 2:]
Gilles De rais was the man
Who cut up the French children
What Gilles De Rais would do then
Is masturbate on their organs

He got away with murder for eight years with his noble position
Rais dabbled in occult while he eliminated local children
Rais sacrificed kids and the Black Magic summoning demons from hell
Gilles De Rais spent most of his money and used magicians to replenish his wealth

[Chorus 2]

Gilles De Rais killing ways finally ceased
He sold a castle and took it back with force by beating a priest
A violation against the church that stripped Rais of his position
soon after that they solved the mystery of the missing children

[Chorus 2]

They searched Rais' castle and then found fifty mutilated kids
Faced with torture and excommunication
Rais confessed to what he did
Condemned by the church for using Black Magic and the court for murder
Rais was executed where he was simultaneously hanged and burned

[Chorus 2]

4. Dracula

In the fifteenth century lived a prince of nobility
His Father's nickname was Dracula, which means the dragon or the devil
Dracula was the son of the devil or the dragon
And he lived up to his name
A name that goes on in infamous fame

Terrible atrocities
Suffering and misery
Vlad the Impaler inflicted on his enemies
Excruciating painful torturous misery
Vlad the Impaler imposed upon his enemies

They were Romanian stuck between the Turks and the Hungarians
His Father Vlad Two tried to plea
Bot of his neighboring adversaries
With the ability to switch sides
To the one with the upper and at the time
For this reason his sons had to spend
Four long years in a Turkish prison


It's not clear from history if his mind was twisted during captivity
But Dracula was released when his Father Dracula was deceased
And the when he was free
Vlad became ruler of his country
Vlad the Impaler was the name he procured
For the hideous method of death he preferred

Vlad's favorite way of executing people
Was impaling them on stakes and he watched them as he ate
Upon the very pointed greased down stakes
Vlad's enemies were placed killing them with their own weight
Through their heart or navel or mouth and vagina or anus
Is were the stakes were placed
Vlad's terrifying stakes
Having mass execution by impaling his enemies
Suited Vlad III's tastes
Witnessing their gruesome fate

Vlad's gruesome reign came to an end
Provoking war with the Turks again
In the Turkish territory Vlad's troops were routed eventually
With his ghastly reputation Christian leaders wouldn't help Vlad with his altercations
That's the reason for his defeat for what Vlad had sewn
He soon would reap


When the sultan's troops came upon the forest of Vlad's impaled victims
That slowed their advance for a while
Because of Dracula's killing style
He was exiled and Vlad III
Years later joined the Hungarian army
In a war between the Turks Vlad was dead
And to Constantinople they brought back his head


5. The Big Bad Wolf

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
The big bad wolf the big bad wolf
Kids are afraid of the bid bad wolf
The big bad wolf the big bad wold

Once upon a time there was a hermit man
Who got married and found it hard to provide for both of them
He was tempted by a demon who promised them a better life
With an ointment he vould change into a wolf with quite a bite

Such big ears, the better to hear you with
Such big eyes, the better to see you with
Such big teeth, the better to eat you with
Little red riding hood, my dear
Such big ears, the better to hear you with
Such big eyes, the better to see you with
Such big teeth, the better to eat you with
Little red riding hood, my dear

And so he made the deal and changed unto a wild beast
Stalking local children, so his wife and him could feast
The devil spawned wolf man, looked for kids who were alone
And with his teeth he tore their flesh and took some pieces home


Twice while killing children, he was seen by passerby's
Scaring off the wolf before they were cannibalized
The big bad wolf was tracked down and they sentenced him to die
And so the executioner burned the big bad wolf alive


Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
The big bad wolf the big bad wolf
Kids are afraid of the bid bad wolf
The big bad wolf the big bad wold
The end and everyone lived happily ever after

6. Countess Bathory

[Venom Cover]

Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life
In the castle known to all - the Count's infernal wife
She invites the peasants with endless lavish foods
But, when evening spreads it wings, she rapes them of their blood
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

All day long the virgins sit and feast on endless meals
The Countless laughs and sips her wine - her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air one must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

Living in her self styled Hell, the Countess dressed in black
Life's so distant - death's so near - no blood to fury time back
The castle walls are closing in, she's crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms - the reaper turns the page
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

7. Burke and Hare

In the Scottish slums of Edinburgh lived a horrid pair
Two Irish immigrants named William Burke and William Hare
They ran a squalid boarding house and an old man died in there
Who owned four pounds rent and William Hare said that's not fair
So Hare and his friend Burke came up with a morbid plan
To make a profit from medical science's demands
They filled the old man's coffin with tree bark then sold the man
To Doctor Knoxs' medical school for dissection

Burke and Hare were a very greedy pair
Selling bodies to climb their financial stairs
Burke and Hare lured victims to their lair
Selling the cadavers for pretty decent fare

Doctor Knoxs' staff said cadaver were in demand
And they would pay good money for some fresh specimens
Still one question then remained how to acquire them
So once again Burke and Hare devised a greedy plan
They cut off the air of sickly bordered types
Killing the old people who couldn't put up a fight
For money the very greedy pair would snuff out human life
Then take their corpses to Doctor Knoxs' knife


The remaining boarders weren't sick so they couldn't take their lives
Then Burke and Hare decided they should go for some different types
They recruited Burke's mistress and Hare's common law wife
The women then would lure in street people in the night
The desperate street people went back to Burke's and Hare's lair
And became dissection specimens once they were inside there
With a steady supply of liquor the poor victims weren't prepared
For easy suffocation by the greedy Burke and Hare


Snuffing ou the homeless the quite evil pair were prone
But they had no qualms about killing close to home
Like Burke's girlfriend's cousin and a wash woman as they grown
Then took them to Doctor Knox who cut them to the bone
The last victim a woman snuffed out inside their lair
Two lodgers found her body and reported Burke and Hare
Hare blamed Burke, got off without a care
They hung Burke in the airr and Hare got away from there

8. Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann was looking for a mand
Who'd propose and take her hand, Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Mary Ann was from the Victorian
Era that was very grand, Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann (she) had a family plan
To have children with her man, Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Mary Ann achived her family plan
Having children with her man, oh Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann took out insurance plans
On her children and her man, oh Mary Ann
Mary Ann, Mary Ann then took up poisoning
To collect insurance scams, Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann poisoned her kids and her man
Then moved on to start a new family plan
Mary Ann used poison again and again
To repeat her evil scam, Mary Ann

Mary Ann, Mary Ann (she) got into a jam
Caught poisoning her children and herman
Mary Ann's poison hands were convicted and condemned
Mary's execution wasn't in her plan

9. The Bloody Benders

The Benders were a family
Who arrived in Labette County KAnsa around 1870
The the Bender family built a one room log shanty
The size of it was sixteen by twenty
The shanty was used for an inn divided by a canvas curtain
So there might be some privacy
The Benders lived on one end, the other side was for the inn
Where they offered travelers hospitality

The family named the Benders
Were life enders
They were death vendors
The Bender Familys

In the family was old man Bender, ma and their two children
John junior and his sister Kate
When travelers passing by their land, not knowing of the Bender's plan
Fell for the bloody Bender's bait
The traverlers were ushered in
Seated with their backs to the curtain
Talking to Kate waiting to be fed
On the other side of the curtain Father or brother was a lurking
To smash a sledge hammer on their head


Doctor York was travellin'
Then ended up missing
With his brothers posse his route was retraced
The Benders endured questioning and denied ever seeing him
So they left the bloody Benders place
The posse came back again when they heard the Benders ran
Foun the victims buried on their land
And so the posse searched for them
And no one knows for sure wat happened
But the Benders weren't seen again

10. Lizzy Borden

Lizzie Borden axe murderess
In American folklore the term was synonymous
Se wake the maid who was napping in her bed
As Lizzie yelled to the maide, father is dead!

Lizzie Borden took an axe
Gaver her stepmother twenty whacks
While on the couch her father slept
She hacked him till no life was left

Her stepmother was hacked as she made the bed
With father on the couch nine axe wounds to his head
It seems that Lizzie would of had some motive
And time to destroy incriminating evidence


Lizzie's alibi was very weak at best
She was the mains suspect which led to her arrest
Then they charged Lizzie Borden with the axe murders
The slaughter of her stepmother and her father


And Lizzie Borden's trial was irrelevant
Because the evidence was insufficient
And even though she probably did it
Lizzie Borden was acquited

11. The Ripper Tramp From France

Sadistic killer Joseph Vacher has long been forgotten
But compared to Jack The Ripper
Joseph's deeds could be more rotten
He joined the French army, but complaints from other men
Sent him to the doctors for some observations
He met a woman on sick leave that he had selected
Proposed and had a temper tantrum when he was rejected
Joseph shot the woman three times but she lived
He shot his head and lived and made his face repulsive

Thre ripper tramp from France
With his murder prance advance
Upon his innocent victims
Who never had a chance
The ripper rtamp from France
Was in an evil trance
Wandering around and killing
Whenever he got the chance

Joseph was committed to an insane asylum
They declared him cured in a year
Then they discharged him
So one month later he went out to fill his murder needs
Became a tramp and committed atrocities
He carried with him scissors plus a cleaver and some knives
And mutilated victims as he roamed the countryside
The doctors said that he was cured and so they set him free
Which allowed the ripper tramp from France to do his evil deeds


From 1894 to 1897
The repulsive drifting tramp killed and raped at least eleven
A woman gathering pinecones caught Joseph Vacher's eye
Her family heard her screaming or else se would have died
Her neighbors and her family subdued the crazy man
They overpowered Joseph and then dragged him to the inn
Soon after he confessed to a lot of murdering
They sentenced him to death and he was guillotined


12. Bella The Butcher

Bella Gunness was a lady fair in Indiana state
She weighed about three hundred punds and that is quite some weight
That she was stronger than a man her neighbors all did own
She butchered hogs right easily and did it all alone
But hogs were just a sideline she indulged in now and then
Her favorite occupation was the butchering of men
To keep her cleaver busy Bella would run an ad
And men would come scurrying with all the cash they had
Now some say Belle killed only ten and some say forty two
It was hard to tell exactly but there were quite a few
Where Belle is now no one knows but my advice is fair
If a widow advertises for a man with cash beware

A Norwegian immigrant Belle Gunness lived in greed
She moved to America to start some families
Her husband and two babies were insured heavily
All three died in convulsion and agony
They died in agony from strychine poisoning
And no on was suspicious of Bella's activities

Bella the butcher chopped up her men and buried them down by the hog pen
She took out insurance policies then she murderer her families

With a foster daughter and her two girls the farm they settled in
Then Bella the butcher spun the web once again
She found a man, farmer Gunness and married him
But he had no idea he's Bella's next victim
He didn├Ąt last as long as her first husband
He impregnated her but their union soon would end


A heavy sausage grinder on a shelf fell on him
And hit him right between the eyes
That's what Bella sad happened
She took out some ads for hired hands and men to wed
And she had many responses to her ads the men had read
Men thinking being with Bella good thish were just ahead
But none of them knew their life was hanging by a thread


The farm burned down they found dead kids and a woman with no head
They searched the grounds and then they found the dismembered buried dead
The kids were Bella's but they never found woman's head
It was assumed that it was Bella's, but others say she fled

13. The Kiss Of Death

In First War the Austro-Hungarian Army needed gasoline
The Czinkota Village constable remembered something
Before the war a man had stored some large metal drums
He said they were filled with gasoline for hard times that would come
Inside they found the drums seven of them in all
They pried open the drums and found they contained wood alcohol

Bella Kiss couldn't miss
With his charming advertisements that women couldn't resist
Bella Kiss was in the services

He found a dead soldier and their dog tags Bella switched
Submerged in the wood alcohol the soldiers nex they found
The naked strangled corpses of some women who were bound
But Bella Kiss had been drafted into the army core
And apparently had been killed on the frontline in the First World War
Kisses bureau owerflowed with female responses
With cards and letters to Bella advertisements

Bella Kiss couldn't miss
With his charming advertisements that women couldn't resist
Bella Kiss was filled with evilness

he pickled women and stored them on his premises
They searched and found seventeen drums in the surrounding countryside
Each drum had contained a pickled corpse that Bella stashed inside
Theu thought that he was dead
And in the First World War was killed
But they didn't know they were the fools on the hill
He switched identities with a dead soldier
Which gave Kiss access to travel and he was never found


14. The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor

During World War I life was a struggle in Berlin
And getting food and staple supplies was a big problem
The desperate German people would buy food upon the street
From the shady street vendors who were selling cuts of meat

Georg Grossman was a very gross man
Sellin meat on the street to the people of Berlin
Gerog claimed the meat was beef or pork butchered just for them
But little did they know that Grossman was deceiving them

Georg Grossman lived in a Berlin slum apartment and asked for special privileges
But he always paid his rent
He wanted kitchen privacy with no disturbances
So the landlord did comply wit his tenant's wishes


Georg Grossman was a big man with a violent past
Arrested many times and on kid died from his attracts
He supported himself by begging and peddling on the street
With one legimate vocation, he learned to btucher meat


Georg brought many prostitutes back to his apartment
He'd take them to the kitchen with no suspicions fom tenants
But the tenants didn't know that Georg was butchering his prey to sell the meat
upon the street the very next day

Georg Grossman was a very gross man
Turning people into cannibals in Berlin
He claimed the meat was beef or pork butchered just for them
But the meat came from the prostitutes murdered by Grossman

Throughout the war Georg Grossman sold his special cuts of meat
Making cannibals out of Germans saying it was porko or beef
And then one night the landlord heard screaming in the kitchen
He called the police who found a woman prepared for butchering


Georg Grossman was not willing to supply information
They estimated he butchered at least 50 women
The court convicted Grossman and they sentenced him to die
He hung himself in the prison Georg committed suicide


Line-up :
Corporate Death - Seven String Guitar, Vocals
Nefarious - Six String Bass, Backing Vocals
Denis The Menace - Drums

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