Ebony Tower

1. Flaming Black Zenith

From infernal depths we rise
To behold the greatest heights
Through the fires of purification
We gaze upon its summit

Burn and destroy what we leave behind!

From midnight waters
Vibrant and profound
We dreams the way
Of stone and rock

We have chained the sun!
We have fixed the stars!

2. Blood Across the Firmament

Come, sister!
Lend me thy hand
As we kneel before the veil
Of the tabernacle above
And the circle below

Two shining stars
Sharing their light

Sing, sister!
And let our voices
Be our song of sword
Cutting through the dark
Of Chaos
And Old Night

Painting the heavens
With blood and love

3. These Fountains of Darkness

Hail to Thee!
Who in the sunless world can see
And soweth the seeds
To the tree of adversary

Whose roots extend to depths unknown
And whose branches
Reach past the godly sky
Past ancient stars and eternal light

Now rise and shine!
O brethren of mine
And drink from these fountains of darkness

And thread with me these untrodden paths
Through hail and fire
Through blood and ash

We are thy flowering leaves
Sapping the divine light!

4. Nightbound

Burn in me mighty North Star!
Drape my path in Thy stellar light
From Thine astral throne above
Bestow Thy secrets upon me

Come, come malignant Night
Unfold Thy blackest canvas
That I may draw the way
Into Thy bitter heart

And in my most ecstatic frenzy
With a razor of northern black light
May stoke and stir - whirl and whip
Whilst riding upon Thy back, O Night!

For I am the quenchless flame
That reaps and burns
At the end of the world
And forevermore!

5. Labyrinth of Dying Stars

O cold and hungry Night
Bathe me in Thy sulphurous light!
Through the prism of Thy womb
And the endless darkness of Thy tomb

Wolf of sublunar supremacy
From the abysses unknown I summon Thee!
To devour this shell of earthly clay
Let spirit be beast, and flesh be prey

O Mother of Darkness
I drift through Thy heavens black
Beyond the dying stars
Never to look back

O cold and hungry Night
I am Thy reaping sword!

Beyond books and religion
Beyond mind and thought
Beyond life and death
In dark pristine wilderness
Lieth the true altar of Satan!

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