Unholy Black Sorcery (demo)

1. Heksekult

2. A Black Magick Funeral

I see... the unholy moon arise
The ravens circle above my castle
I hear the winds of other ages,
howling through the woods
Tormented souls haunt the moors,
dancing the night
All the signs of my funeral come!
I offer my flesh to the ancient ones,
and my soul to the queen of the witches
O my brethren, lead me to my tomb!
Drink my blood and say the names of Satan
Oax Moax Voax
Aias, aiactt in Nomini Diabuli
Medrak Sechdrak Abengo
Asmodeus Samael Astaroth Lucifer...
Anoint me for the last Sabbat
Bless me with your darkest words,
and the skull of a christian infant
To be laid upon my stone
Unholy flames of all my hate and sorrow
will rise from my coffin
and into a drawing nightsky
as my last journey as a human ends

3. Throne of the Thirteenth Witch

Join the blasphemous ride to the sacred hill
Towards the plateau of ancient ceremonies
Come see the witches dance!
Thirteen naked whores in deep satanic trance
Her chanting voice whispers with the wind
to gather the unholy Coven
Thirteen they are - in a burning circle
Surrouning the altar of human sacrifice
The misstress of the night holds the sword
high under the starlit sky
drinks the bloodwine as her skin turns pale
Feel the cold of Death - feel her hate!
Blessed with the curse of her dominion
Driven by bloodhunger and lust
(for ritual fulfillment)
They will hunt down and kill
The lambs of God!

4. Unholy Sorcery

The night is upon us,
and we can see the unpleasant
glow from the full moon,
feel the presence
of the unsightly Beast watching
priests perform their
Unholy black sorcery.
Below the haunted black mountains,
a sign reveals
in our darkest dreams.
We know we have to walk into
the forest of Evil to perform
a merciless Sacrifice.
Summon the deamons with the
blood of the innocent.
Read from the Unholy scroll,
howl the forgotten chants,
to call the hordes.

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