Death Unveiled

1. By Fiery Death Devoured

Killing all that's left in me
Thus, close my heart from unity
To never lose control again
And never hide from what I am
Awake, my anger and haunt this earth

Broken she stands and broken I am
Wishing to feel the pain again
Creating dimensions by Thy hands
Dark angels come to me...

Never dare to speak to me again
Yet, my will is drowned in anger
Parting the fire from our earth
Enforcing my desire with the gift of death's rebirth

Dark angels come to me
The truth is mine to speak since all hope has died
Consuming life that crawls the Earth for a last time

Hide before the light
Running back in time
Reign until the end
Thou shalt be crowned with blood on Thy hands

Echoes in my soul have died
Long before the dawn of time

What I have seen lies beyond all imagination
I never thought this could be the end
All through my mind, through my soul
Through my burning hatred
Gelaeutert von der Essenz der Zeit

2. Cryosphere Trimension

Delivered to powers beneath understanding
Fear is the only way to descend
Her body forced to suffer from terror
The source of which I surely am

Desecrating holiness
Inspiring my will to die
Divert my spirit from its primal source
Leave nothing but believe behind

I'll burn the truth into her eyes
Make her feel the end of life

Unveil Thyself
Thou, who by my words art sentenced
I am not like Thee
I breathe Thy spirit, demigod
The dust of centuries I wear
Wouldst Thou, oh Earth, let me die again?

From end to end I haunt the Earth

I tend to measure time in aeons
As eternity is passing by before their eyes

Quelled hast Thou the source of darkness
Thus shalt hatred lead Thy life
Into the dephts of earthly pride
Whence all false grace derives

3. Earthborn

Thou touchedst my soul as I lay wounded
Thus, my will Thou didst not fear
Thy mortal eyes beheld my secret
My tears I'll dedicate to her

As destiny must be fulfilled
By mortal hands we shall be killed

So much hate to give
Since I became the enemy
I promised once to not forgive

My tears are now of dignity
That pours throughout conspiracy
Art Thou the one I once called me?

She took my name and kept it
Inside her sacred poisenous heart
Vergeltung allein ist mein Vermaechtnis
Damit die Welt uns nie vergisst

This promise I give shall
By the truth of death be sworn
Eternity shall be my witness
Lay all Thy all darkness into my arms

The essence of soulstream
Far beyond redemption
The truth which in Thy heart doth lie
Hath led us to extinction

Death is the path of creation
Denied to be granted to Thee

4. Far Beyond Redemption

Solemn art Thy gifts of passion
Since Thou hast welcome'd me before
On that primal day Thou hast created
Hadst Thou not dared to ease them all

"Thus, fathom her I will
Of Earth claimeth she her splendour
As trinity dwells she
Her spell to cast in rival anger
Thy sinful race she doth thus kill"

This is Thy sin, Thy crime, alas
Though in my heart the dark doth last
A servant yet I am
Bound to linearity poison their future entity I will

"Thou hast compelled me to receive Thy will
But hear
Disgust I feel for Thee
Open lies Thy secret and her will I lead
Betrayer of the origin
Dost Thou now fear Thy hateful seed?"

5. From End To End

Helpless bound to Earth am I and though
My will drowns in eternity
Unable to divert her heart from this divine intensity
Of what shall grow inside our souls
Doubt hath led me here
To conquer all her hidden dreams
The source of which she fears

Defender of eternity
Blood tells our history

Seed of Anti-Babylon an unborn angel's sin
Far beyond the truth she speaks
Thy words, and yet, therein I found
The bleeding wound which Thou hast once called home

That which grows inside must die
Interstellar Nemesis I praise Thy counterfeit
Whence came these dreams I learned to hate

A static war while I have changed
Whence Thou hast come Thou shalt be sent
To bow before our dark romance
And die before my eyes
Yet, sheltered by death-bringing hands
Kneelst Thou down in confidence
Breaking through my ignorance
For Thou shalt be the shadow
As I am the light!

6. Intoxicate The Sun

"Predestin'd is the path of Thine
Though in blindness Thou shalt wander
As long Thou on the Earth dost live
Death shall follow Thee but never
Caress Thy spirit with his kiss"

Truth spake to me

My soul doth in anger listen
And thus, the bolts ye fail to stir
Beyond Thy words I am imprisoned
To lose my hate is my only fear

Time hath not yet come for us to meet again

As with the night my soul darkens
Like every night before
Angels dance in ecstacy by fiery death devoured
To see the Earth through eyes divine
Through eyes like mine

I shall die
As long as Thy words disguise her tears
Consume my pain
No morning shall greet the final day

Supreme am I due to the loss of doubt
Yes, I am a sinner
But thus my flame is burning strong

7. Stigmata (Seed Of Anti-Babylon)

Those dreams Thou hidest before my sleep
In darkness dwells their potency
Until unleashed in ecstasy of monumental pride
So purely focused within my heart
I promise we will never part, my darkness
Let the blind ones kill the light
And even death shall not survive

Alas, I await these final days
When all false grace shall be washed away

Thus, torn apart am I between the worlds that I once knew
Unequal are the boundaries of mental strength
Through which my will surrenders to instinct
Unleashed is hatred, the seed of existence
Possessed by alliance's words they shall die

Und was mir bleibt sind nur die Traenen
Worin die Finsternis noch brennt
Unvergessen diese Seele
Die nun die Welt vom Feuer trennt
Vergib mir die Unendlichkeit
Es tut mir leid, es tut mir leid

Combining silence with primal fear
I hunger for lost innocence
Pray for an end but no-one hears
The echoes in a sheltered mind
Sheltered from the path of Thine

Our hearts remain as one to forever be undone
I will intoxicate the sun
Burning colder since they're gone
In an endless maze of remembrance
...breeding grace... vengeance...
(As I adore the lack of existence)

8. Summon Primal Trinity

And through the night I rise
Sheltered by my open eyes
Burn the sacred past that lives within my soulless heart
Branded is her path
To hide our secret behind the mask she wears with untold pride
Sentenced by the blinded mass, evolution is on her side

Unborn Thou art!
Unable to receive the gift I offered Thee
Thus, I'll cleanse this earth from superior existence
Evoked be my anger with every resistance
Against the storm of fire I ride

Never break my will
For every breath I take
Is a step back to primal hate

And thus, my friend, I know Thy fate
What I receive is the cause of hate
Thy limit is eternity
Thy will becomes reality
Thy loss of life shall be my birth
Amidst the creatures of this earth

Although angels fear my sin
I'll never go where Thou hast been
To grant my ancient eyes a view upon the truth
Which keeps the past alive
Wie soll ich vergeben wenn ich nicht vergessen kann
I'll never die
I'll hide our secret behind the mask I wear with all my pride
Sentenced by the blinded mass
Evolution is on my side

9. Whispering Shadows

[bonus track]

All music by Hanno, Jury, Garvin, Christoph, Selphratus
All lyrics by Eike
All Arrangements by Mephistopheles

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