Modern Instincts Purity

1. Prelude To Instinction

2. Killing Conscious

Rise high, yet falling down into the abyss of remembrance
Adoring grace I learned to hate
Consuming all her innocence
And the pain she learned to stand
As slave to my dominion
For vengeance is mine since I became divine

Whilst pride and lies disguise Thy guilt
In the silence of an angel's mind
Bereft of what now lies beyond
The tyrant's thousand burning eyes
I stand beneath eternity with Satan at my side

Still I feel no guilt
As the carcass of a tyrant,
Thy most seductive gift,
Arises by my will and thus
Nevermore shalt doubt her trust

Believing, yet not dying while
Empty words bring forth the silence

Master, that belongs to us since we where
Yearning for her sacred lust

Gifted with instinct:
Unity infects my mind
I curse the source of these emotions
Denying still to accept Thy crime as
Everlasting compromise

3. Galaxia - An Empire Beneath The Sun

Eternally be the words I speak
Heard throughout the universe
To tear apart Foundation's peace
That spreads towards an ancient Earth

Angel tears are frozen
As the Earth has spoken
"Turn Gaia to Galaxia
An empire beneath the sun
Cast me from my throne of fire
All entities combined as one"

A million years of consciousness
I've thrown into the stars
The loneliness of which I hide
Behind the walls of emptiness
A monument of divine pride
Built upon the darkest path

Forever to surrender
Since we cannot die
Without the hatred that I seed
The Earth shalt not be mine

Angel tears are frozen
As the Earth has spoken
"Turn Gaia to Galaxia
An empire beneath the sun
Cast me from my throne of fire"

Keep their world as dark as mine
God's sin is my guilt
Ignorance keeps me strong as I
Cleanse the Earth from grace

I proclaim mortality
Now sentence me

4. First Death Introdus

Growing from eternity
I kneel before the truth she rapes
Burning all the memories

My darkened soul denies to hate
I tried to forget whilst thou betrayed
Regretting nothing but enforced faith

Listening to silence as she never spoke to me
Emptiness, the final truth again
Banish my integrity
Everlasting darkness fills the nothingness inside
Never tried to understand, Keeping death inside thy hand

Hope has died through all Thy glory
And far beneath my sinful mind
Another death invades my body
Standing strong to leave behind
This fatal grace
Since all I learned shalt be Thy fate

Thou who art the murderer of Thy own creation

5. Bastard Blood's Prosperity

Forgive my immortality
As this shalt be my destiny
Lead Foundations enemy into the stars
Paranoid entity, Thou art of me

Static spheres illuminate the tyrant tear's last diversion
Lay to rest the second breed
Will I control, will I succeed?

From destiny to infinity
The one that walked alone through bastard blood's prosperity
Among the stars I've grown with hatred burning in my heart
I would not follow Thy sinful path
Leading to the end of time
Bury me beyond divine

Challenger of blasphemy
Behold the loss of eternity

Entering a million years:
Static spheres illuminate the tyrant tear's last diversion
Lay to rest the second breed
Will I control, will I succeed?

Synnoetic universe
The more they dwell the more I kill

Existence no longer linear
Controversial alliance in the time of Vega's guide
Thy future lies therein
Nothing is the way it seems
Where life exists Thou canst not be

Twisting through dimensions
Creation of tyrant yet to come
All I feel is hatred and pain
Collapse to cause the beginning of time
Eldest until the end
Out of the chaos Thou shalt rise
To conquer and praise the system's grace

6. My Enemy Divine

Arise from holiness
As I have lost the will to forgive
Passive throughout the centuries
The source of hatred shalt be my gift

Lay Thy hands in mine
The secret that Thou hidest, my enemy divine
Hath focussed cosmic wrath upon the grace of Thine

Thy empire
It falls by the ignorance of Thy word
No longer to be heard on Earth
The tyrant still to be unseen
Disguising her impaling destiny
Lay her hands in mine
My enemy divine

Blood of mine flows in her body
Her soul is as clean as Thine
Has been in my eyes before
Thy truth arose from a different mind
I swear these words on holy Earth
"Die Verachtung des Lebens erzwingt den Sinn
Bis in die Ewigkeit"

Where else if not of hatred shalt these eternal powers be granted
That enforce me to exist, destroying thy creation
Against all that has been, remaining contradiction
May a goddess rise from my blood
All to feel that I have lost

For she who knows my destiny
Which they won't understand
Has seen the entity without disguise
I await the day when she'll rise
From the ruins of my shattered soul
Although the feelings that we share
I'm yearning for an end
Thus, death can't take my hand
Leave rebellion behind
My enemy divine

7. Conquer Self - Destruction

Ancient soul, in blood Thou dwellest
My newborn heart is purest hatred
I rise from the ashes, for Thou art mine
And grant Thee immortality to suffer through eternity
Oh, how I wish to lick Thy lips
To steal Thy speech, to poison Thy mind
The master of ignorance, thus
Hath crowned a different kind

"Hass ist eine Leidenschaft, und die Erfuellung ist der Krieg
Der um seiner Selbst Willen ewig waehrt
Ohne Hoffnung auf den Sieg"

Pale conscious spake of redemption
Remind me not to trust again
The lower minds of earthborn creatures
Gifted with Thy punishment

Thou shalt obey, for what they pray
Is the truth that even angels fear
To weak to speak against my word
Confront me now as I wait for rebirth
Into a modern day whence tyrants passed away
Forever to drown in their million tears
As love and hate collide leaving purpose sacrificed
Our blood in darkness dwells

I hide my shade behind the darkness
Whence all the scorn hath come
To banish emotions as she offers her body
Preaching intolerance for we are of one
The burden of sorrow has taken my powers
For seconds that I won't forget as
Eternity is torn asunder by the grace that I shalt not possess

Thine is the past I'm drowning in
Yet, the promise is forever

8. Solarian

Burn the Earth as I burn the stars
That open my mind to a darker path
Summon the eternal darkness wherein tyrants dwell
May they be the ones to cast death's spell
On their cosmic journey through an endless mind
Embalmed in utter chaos I steal their pride

"I'd offer my soul for the silence
Behind which Thou hidest thy crimes
The loss of Thy faithful alliance hath struck me blind
Until the end of time"

Elder breed, who came from darkness
Quest for dimensions is in vain
The tyrant's tear a toxic carcass
Long lost through Foundation's reign

Focussing the synergy through the centre of Thy heart
Thus, those forces caressing Thee
Shalt never recombine the elder darkness
With the essence of Thy soul
As death embraces Thee

Nevermore to recreate all that they have erased
Solar extinction as our worlds collide
In modern instinct's purity led by psycho history

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