Midnight Odyssey / Spire
Magica / Scientia

1. Midnight Odyssey - Magica

In ever-reaching
Voids of darkness
And matter, cold
The deepest fears awaken
Celestial bodies
Obliterate into fragments
Darkness binding, it holds
Nature's order in its claws
When stars once free
Are caught in screams
A churning mass
Tears at their seams
The dying light
From fragments small
Their magic fades
And shines no more
Unleash the flow
A dying energy
And watch the spirits
Of stars, freeze
Black silhouettes
Dark effigies of life
The numerous shadows
Remind of what was lost...

Spire - Scientia

Without flesh,
Followed egress,
Recreated self,
Void my ruins,
Released ascetic.

Decent in ego,
Born again in this place of one.
This place where the heartbeat,
Is a hammer against heaven.

Here dwell the pure ghosts of self,
Inborn to these depths of ID, they cry.
Weeping the loss of the pure of self,
It is carried deeper on wings of liberation.

Yet so alone.

Here now in this empty space,
Its own being undone.
Alone here with no flesh,
(It has) become freedom.
Meditated its egress of mind and all being.

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