Ancient Rites

1. All For One Immortal

Come gather on this field. Around our fire
Take all your needs and come to me.
I am the only one you need
Face the enemy with me.

Come to me.
We sow deceace, we are martyrs and free.

We are as one together.
We know the way for us to go.
Together as one
we'll march to the north.
Bloodbrothers to fields of white snow
or colored by blood.

Day of salvation brings the glory for us!

I am your master
and immortal.
We walk in embrace of destiny.

I am the only one you need.
Face the enemy with me.

Walk with me.
We sow deceace, we are martyrs and free.

2. Under The Veil Of Misery

We have been in shadows with all who we love.
Sharing the secrets of souls.

War is to come, we shall suffer.
They will rape our daughters.
We have prayed for higher forces
and sacrified the flesh of enemy.

Now we are hiding with brothers and sisters
abandoned by our gods.
Our flesh is not enough to defend us.

Can you hear us?
The one who embraced our hearts.
Give us your fire to protect this nest.

Our god! Lift us up from sorrow.
Show us there is tomorrow. New day.
Take this priceless gift.
Turn away the southern curse.

War shall come. Give us your coldness.
Let us free from this sorrow.

3. Verenkantaja

Pohjoisen erämaan kasvatti
erakko hyisen tundran
vaeltaa kohti jäistä merta
...äitimaan hyistä sisintä.

Revontulten liekki häilyy
pakkashangella. Tanssi
pohjoisen valon, paljastaa
verijäljet kuolevaisen.

Lumilinnun laulu raikuu,
välistä jäisten tuntureiden,
pilkaten öistä vaeltajaa

pilkaten öistä vaeltajaa

Kannoillaan aura mustan
saalistajan, juoksee
mies rukoillen kuolemaa
...muinaisilta jumaliltaan.

...muinaisilta jumaliltaan.

4. Winter Ceremony

Calm lake of lapplander
rough holy mountain.
First-born to the nother rock,
to the victimstone of people came from south.

Scream loud the bloodsong,
the sweet sonata for ancient gods.
The knife inseaces the flesh
inviting the children of black moon to get their share.

Slowly little heart beats out the liquid of life...

With silent cry ends the life of the newborn,
to the stone life of litle one.
To the coldness of the winter
chills the body of harmless son.

To the darkness of the night
melts red victims blood.

5. Sacred Soil


6. Sweet Soul Of Shadows

between the fire is child, lonely soul
in the shadows of trees.
winds are in motion.
Reveals the side of darkness in her.

Sweet child has seen
too much evil because of destiny

and she became the one who feels despair.
Soul is torn. Torn by war.
winds are in motion.
Reveals the poisoned mind deep in her.

Her mind is full.
Filled with dark emotions
and the shadows of the past.

7. Fullmoon Dream

Slave of the saviour
has got the chains broken
has found it's temper
from the slit of evil sword.

Lonely one is calling me
to the company of guide
awakening my instincts
on cold winter night.

Blood runs as the young heart beats
feeds hunger with steaming meat
leads me into the extacy
ah... In Fullmoon Dream.

So Now i praise this night
and the moon of winter
cold pale light
shining like silver

Human mind is awakening
to the burning light of sun.
From the Fullmoon Dream
to the prisoner of self-pity.

'Til the moon will turn to full
again so powerful
it leads me into the extacy
ah... in Fullmoon Dream.

Slave of the saviour
has got the chains broken
has found it's temper
from the slit of evil sword.

8. Apostate In Orgy

Because of lust he embraced the fear of death
so the fear could not exist
he made union with evil

he thought he had all the keys
for the doors of life and freedom
but he found the key in a dream
to dark erotic fantasies

take my flesh
feel me deep inside
whores from hell
in the dream i feel truly free

the dream turned to nightmare
when he woke up in the dark reality
but he could feel it wasnt't dream
sluts of night were real

he came to this church to preach
to contem unholy desires
but he felt a touch of lust
he embraced the darkness
and became what he always wanted to be
apostate in orgy

martyr and saint

Apostate in Orgy!

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