The Creatures of Loviatar

1. Whispers From Filthy Womb


2. Precious Death

Battlefield and the moon is shining bright
Warriors fighting for their homes keeping those behind
cold answers too an every spears, answers to an arrows
'Till the morningsun cries it's first of tears
And sees only sorrow

We thought our resistance
Is enough for those men so poor
but we lost our village
And everything we were fighting for


Anger strikes straight through their thoughts
And bitterness fills all their hearts
Seeking for the enemy from woods
Boiling of their blood starts

Fire burning bright from their rage
blood flows all over misery's stage
Ah, god of thunder won't give their faith
Watches the growing of seed of hate

Fire burning bright from rage
Blood's all over

Raindrops hit their skins
With water the blood is thin
Tomorrow they're under the stones
Nothing left but rotting flesh and bones

This is reason and consequence
No place for pity
Honours leaves shall scatter
On fields of fathers

3. Viper Of The Frozen Ground

The hammer of gods strikes the northern ground
Sparks from stones above mortal lands

The anvil of forgotten roars demanding loud
The land of forgotten aside gods once again

Under devils field breeds a stiffen viper
The last rainbow falls to arms of mother earth

Swallows flesh as the creeping blood flows
To the water of swampy land

Above the frozen land crawls a growing creature
The smell of rain fills the gloomy air

Tomorrow shuts eyes ashamed what it sees
Whole ground is painted by decease

4. Witness Of Moonlight Mystery

Deep in the woods
Covered with snow and ice
Standing old pine

Under it's roots
Staring pair of eyes
Hiding from shine

'Till the daylight from high above
A fading behind the seas
Creatures of forest
Are awake under these trees
Like thousands of years ago
When they were born from the womb of earth
From the night from the womb of earth

To dance for pale moon alone
'Till new dawn?

One man met his doom
Tried to see their face
Fell into deep darkness
Walked in light of moon
Wondering about their grace
Price was total blindness

5. Louhi's Legacy

Mother of nine reptiles
Gives birth to faith
To cover the land
Carcass reeking Louhi

Spits and curses evil
A sheppard travels towards
The hades

And Ruho swallows the light
From the earth
Drooling Rampa licks rotten flesh

Curse to the mankind

Infectious decease to the mortals
Clean in his debauchery

Undresses the earth from its brightness
Sanctifies an empire

Death with its cursings

Infectious in his debauchery

6. Fullmoon Dream

Slave of the saviour
Has got the chains broken
Has found its temper
From the slit of evil sword

Lonelyone is calling me
To the company of guide
Awakening my instincts
On cold winternight

Blood runs as the young heart beats
Feeds hunger with steaming meet
Leads me into the ecstasy
Ah, in fullmoon dream

So now I praise the night
And the moon of winter
Cold pale night
Shining like silver

?Till the moon will turn to full
Again so powerfull
It leads me into the ecstasy
Ah, in fullmoon dream

7. Kalman Kevät

Kevät aamu pohjolassa
Kalman korppi hyppii hangella
Hamuten suupalaa mätänevää

Kadotettu viattomuus
Nauraa unholasta
Routaisen maan raosta
Nousee rikin katku

Lihan himon raiskaama iho
Ruoskii inhosta vihaa
Mädältä löyhkäävä siemen itää

Tuli nielee lihaa
On aika muistaa vainajaa
Talvinen hanki maistaa
Kyyneltä ihmisen

On surupäivä jumalten
Kyyneleet perkeleen
Huuhtoo verityöt
Maasta vainajien

8. Tuonelan Lasten Tanssi

Nuoret sielut tanssivat taivaalla
Lapset pohjoisen kuiskivat pimeää
Viehkeästi kutsuen ukkosen jumalaa
Noutamaan heitä Tuonelaan
Ruokkimaan heidän loputonta suruaan

Tanssiva taivaanranta
Menneiden lapsien valtakunta
Karkeloi nuorukaiset tumman taivaan

Taivaan valot tanssii houkutellen
Eläviä luokse kuolemattomien
Nuoren kalman kehdosta kirkkauteen
Viehkeä on väri pohjoisen lapsosten

Tanssiva taivaanranta
Menneiden lapsien valtakunta
Värisee sielut jumalten serenadin

Talvi valaisee taivaanrannan
Menneiden lapsien valtakunnan
Nuorena kalman katkusta kirkkauteen
Viehkeä on väri pohjoisen lapsosten

9. Melancholy (Before The Apocalypse)

Hear those whispers from above
Our bell has begin to toll
Creed has twisted in our sanity
We all shall bury ourself in the sand of lies

Seed of emptiness we are
So mortal souls we are
See now what we have become
Hope that we won't live forever

Silence is here to stay
But that's what we need in our impurity
We are welcome to end
This is the sing for humanity

10. Kalmisto


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