First Demon (demo)

1. Ignis Purgatorius

I'm the dark grandfather a newborn child.
I'm the one who sow the seed of war.
I was lost in deep ocean of my life
until I found myself and more.

I'm the one who's risen from the curse of death.
I'm the raper of virgin and killer of whore.
I've been here from beginning and now is the end.
I shall proudly burn at stake. Most evil of all.

I was hiding from daylight. Hiding from sun.
But the I became stronger. Evil son.
I got dark magic in my hands. Sorcerer.
I exist in higher forces but now I'll die with fire.

2. Season

This is beautiful morning of day
Birds are singing their symphonies today
Flowers are awakening again
but look my into my misery and face so pale

come darkest winter
sun burns my skin

My soul was born... torn!
but I don't have needs for pity
of summersun and white purity
pure darkness is only place to be
there's thousand seekers
who search for satan
those who found are here with me
there's thousand seekers
who search something more than we are
those who found are here with me


Give me a reason why i have to stay
show me how much there's time me to pray
darkness is paradise
beside I don't even need your advice

sweer darkest winter
came to me...

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