Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra
The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypse

(Dedicated to my sorcery and clairvoyance)

I Light The Candles Of My Sorcery
The Blood Is On The Altar
It Flows From The Sacrificed
And Fills The Bowl To The Top
The Visions Of The Ones
That Impossible To Call
Gash Through The Mysteries
That Was Summoned By Me
The Steps Of Vicious Apocalypse
Beside The Gates Of Armageddon
Where The Death Tear Its Mask
And I See Its Triumphant Smile
On The Cold Damned Face
This Is My Triumph Too
I Am The Keeper Of The Key
I Left The Future And Abandoned To The Unknown
The Gates Are Opened...

The Visions Of The Ones
That Impossible To Call
Gash Through The Mysteries
That Was Summoned By Me
Beyond The Nature
Beyond The Understanding
Somewhere It Evilly Open The Maw
From Which It Discern The Hollow In The Expanse
On The Both Sides Of Goodness And Evil
You Can't Confront It
It's Out Of The Understanding
The Top Of Creation Or Creator
Wrathfully Throw In The Time
The Billows Of The Poisoned Unknown
Darkness And Cold
There Is No Light
There Is No Words Inside This Thought
To Stop The Time Means To Live With It

The Space Opens The Gates
Straight To Algol Where Its Black Light
Burn The Rest Of Life
The Wind Of Mind
Glide To The Purgatory
I Am Here Face To Face With The Unknown
Here Is The Key To Apocalypse!

The Soul Is Whiped
By The Asteroids Of Lie
To Find The Way Is The Fate
Of The Powerful Race
Gliding To The Top Of Awareness
Fall To The Pit Of Unknown
Where's The End Of The Way?
The Endlessness And Darkness Are In Front
Here Is No Comprehension
Of Belief, It Was Not Borne Here
The Triumph Of The Powerful Race!

Goodness, Evil, I See The Edge
But I Can't Understand It
It's Out Of My Nature
The One That Could Flood
Drown Here
The One That Could Kill
Die Here
The Strength Die Here
Only To Be Borne Again

The Caravans Of Stars
Gash To The Past
The Future Was Long Ago
I'm Closer To The Stars Birth
In The Billows Of Misty Emptiness
Appears The Borders
Light... Darkness... Cycle...
The Dying And Galloping Back
Through The Time Nowadays

Born In The Circle Of The Past Death
Giving The Life To Certain Parts
Of The Universe (Where Is Nothing Of My Habits)
Against The Theory Of Perfection
It Dissimilar And Separate All Clear From Misunderstood,
Light From Darkness
I See The Silliness In It
But This Is My Nature
I Feel How It Breaks In Me
And I Leave That, Which Haven't Been Ever Seen
Evil Or Gods Are Borning In Me

And Now Discerning Maws Of The Black Holes
Surround The Shell Of This
That I Have Seen
The Past Is Born Here
And I See It Carrying The Awfulness

What Is Involving Me Here
Through These Mysteries?
Misunderstanding Or Intelligence
That Reach The Perfection
I Will Not Give Answers
To Myself, Because There Is No Any One
Drowning In The Rivers Of Ignorance And
Emerging In The Seas Of Mind Power

The Giving Hand Will Take All Back
The Tear Will Not Drop
It Will Leave Out Of Time
And The Top Of That
(Its Bottom) Will Leave It
Out Of Nature
Another Dimension
Where Mountains Are Pits
And Gulfs Are Peaks

Don't Need To Continue
We Can't Understand It
It's Far From Our Understanding
The Thought Dies At First
And Then Born Here
The Law? There Is No It!
It's So Far But Situated Near
In Magic Rituals It Fly As Trice
It Is Impossible To See It
But It Involve In Its Nets
And Coldness Kills The Warmth
The Absence Of Movement And
You Are Forgotten In Eternity Here
Ancient Symbols Tell About Great Race
The Faded Flowers Borne Again
On The Ashen Rests Of The Skies
And Space Opens The Gates!

Somewhere In The Darkness
I Lost My Name
But Found Something Different
The Opened Eyes Looking Farther
Than Only Trice.
There Is No Borders From This Time
The Black Ellipse Through Which
The Time Die Is In Front Of Me
Where The Dances Of Black Holes
Don't Assemble With Consciousness
There, Where The Road
With Further Landscape Of Unnatural Admitting Leads
Where The Eternity Is Equal To Trice,
Where The Trice Don't
Equal To Everything And Eternity Don't Have Equality...

Light... Darkness... Cycle...
The Outcome - Unknown
The Straight Understanding And That
Which Is Impossible To Describe
All Change Around
My Fall Into The Heights Of Our Gates Of Nature...

Opened My Eyes
I Saw
That Candles
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