Among Majestic Ruin

1. Relic Of A Darkened Past
2. In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)
3. Travesty
4. Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning
5. Invalid Prodigy

1. Relic Of A Darkened Past

ancient is the relic once told
foreseen in our darkened past
to tell a benign dream
a shadow's memory has cast

simple is the one who sees it
fit no wonder to sample
triple, search through the bile
sit and develop unthinking thoughts

now among the old
forever distant
feeble, seen above
loneliness, sold

triple the search
trifle the few
born with unspoken knowledge
nothing is forgotten, anew
absorbing the foul, loving the spawn

(in a) crypt of my kept thoughts
untrusting my inner sense

2. In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)

for it is, thus that i
wallow within my own despair
drowning hearts outside my lust
creep around wallowed pairs
waves of gray, trees of dust
following paths, without trust

can you hear within your soul
will you cry for me
an unbridled view, far beyond
shielded from dawning skies...

you play among the deadened groves
cannot see nor care to show

many faces carved in false belief
shallow mouths speak your grief
winds carry our unmatching thoughts
in ashen tears, thus i cry
into a world i have never known

3. Travesty

4. Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning

i feel a blacksun
cast upon my withered brow
the dancing of embers
peace of eternal flight

the deepest of blue
in crimson night
shadows my russet skin
in views beyond a winter gate

vivid days of a child
green are the trees of age
my love for the everlasting sky
foreboding flames abode

i will dream under a blacksun
no shelter to hide my skin
tainted rain will taste so pure
like black painted earth

i can see beyond my time
cast my disgrace on fall
foretell my name in honor
under a black dawning sun

5. Invalid Prodigy

can you see through that hidden shrine
hear out what grows within you
taste the hate you birth
or is it all ignorance concealed?

misled by unknown shadows
contorted by misery
the word once said now lost
captor in disbelief

invalid-the form of the weak
prodigy-a succession of one
frail-the embodiment you possess
royal-the next to come

so curtained from all that beseeches me
meagerly divine, invalid prodigy
god (above) forsakes me, encase in this supposed cause
trapped (within) your distraught lies

no salvation, for the weak who cannot survive
resurrect my embedded dreams
on man's ignorance i thrive
(i will feel no more)

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