1. The Serpentine Scrolls / Descent To Arawn
2. Canticle
3. Solinari
4. Nightfall Infernal
5. All The Glory...All The Loss
6. Blight
7. ...The Last Sunrise

1. The Serpentine Scrolls / Descent To Arawn

Four winds of emerald lands, come and meet my fellowship.
Journey afar, rest among my flock and shelter the serpent's egg.
Among the shores I gather netherlands, seek unto the marble waters flow.
Drink your fill from ancient dynasties, and scribe on the serpent's scales.
Bring before me, my forbidden lore.
Writhe in its glories delight.
Wellspring --- under the mortor and clay.
Forever --- we of forked tongue.
Embellish this mask of undesired will, caressing unto your sullen ways.
Hallowed are the eyes of the blind, adorn my forsaken standard.
Bring before me, my forbidden love.
Writhe in its glories delight.
Hold the light, so that I might see.
Partake in my sacred ways.
Now pull the shade from my eyes, and see me for what I really am.
I forever walk, asleep in servitude.
In ancient dreams, the Canticle's Tales...for we shall walk among.
Between the Coloumns of Wisdom, I see my passage, I see my fate...sealed.
I foreshadow, bearer of sacred name, who shall be the Messiah?
We follow.

2. Canticle

I walk among this pantheon to gather up the stars.
Blessing the waxing moon, and swallowing up the sun.
For I foretell the coming God, ascending Heaven, descending Hell.
For I will be a gracious king, and the eve shall be my bounty.
So it is written, so it shall be done.
The falling of father, the falling of sun.

3. Solinari

Be attentive --- for you may be allured by its presence, by its charm.
Deep in the cosmos, upon this throne of void and star.
Each word spoken, invocating.
Each syllable, a rune.
For every emotion shall be accountable, like the sands of time long since
A singe upon pale flesh. To form the darkness growing inside the heart,
Inside the mind, like the fall of a thousand gods.

4. Nightfall Infernal

Visions, O' visions of nightfall internal.
I dream the dreams of redemption, a reflection of what I am, and what I
could have been.
I gaze within that frame; I look upon eyes, hands and body.
They capture the light and darkness, they shape all eternity.
Of passions in shadows burning, like leaves upon embers glowing...
I am the dark night of the eyes of the Jaded Serpent.
I seek a journey unto temptation within that scarlet pane, deep inside its
Before the ivory candle wanes.
Well within its depths I wade, by loving hands in velvet dreams.
In her eyes of lupine tears, like oceans without shores...

5. All The Glory...All The Loss

This flame...light, creation. Below my loveless divine...serpent.
My soul is bu a deep, dark well.
Her grace, benevolence, beauty.
Wings, tenfold, harbringer, fate.
Rune, flesh, pleasure, wealth.
Everything beneath its glare.
This time spells the end.
Nothing, empty, savage, seeking.
This earth, this place, knowing...
The raven within my body.
My soul a deep, dark well...time shall never sever us, for the flame shall
be us all.
The wolf within this vessel.
My soul a deep dark well.
I am Hades fire, for the flame shall be us all!
I shall not be, will not be...fate becoming.
To wish, to sense, to feel...whole.
I have not this want, take not this need.
I shall not be, will not be, loved in memory.
Like the moon above and the ground below, emptiness...
Acceptance of being whole.
I was once destined.

6. Blight

Within all shapes known; deep in the myriad wood,
under a canopy of stars, rooted in Mother Earth.
Be it not for ryhme or reason, for reason may not be important.
We share not a place for man, we are all time and then some...

7. ...The Last Sunrise


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