De Contemplanda Morte

1. Penetrations of Darkness

Rhepera is in her hiding, and the church bells are silent now
the inner starvation has bred an emotionless madness,
breeding desires so dark... in these abodes of awful forms

I am becoming - incarnated,
the breath of complete pervertion!

soil is spread upon the ground, her sleep disturbed
and their sorrow shall turn into horror in the morning
but the moon rests in darkness now...
for how could it shine in the light of the black sun?

the lights are all exploding at their presence...
for there are many here, many here...
yet there is light: tombstones radiate a glare unearthly
a strange glow, growing stronger at each movement

the metamorphosis of an angel turning into a beast
is progressing in this unholy marriage of life and death
I wear this lower crown, at the throne of shells
for death is my bride...
in these abodes of awful forms

2. Astral Pandemonium

Past deeds linger in the astral Darkness
through the tunnel connecting Luna to earth
woe unto me, for there is an old incarnation present here
compelled to remain somewhere inbetween - and -
seven hells that are mine.
where past and present melt to one
the price of murder paid through ages and ages this fusion of life and death

the gathered decay of past lives...
somehow present in the very moment
has darkened my inner sight.
and the self transforms into an open grave
cuts that go deeper than flesh
pitch-black blood flowing forth from a re-opened wound
perpetuated in a flood of waters unreal

I can not breathe in thee, incarnated human...
slave to the temptations of the lower mind
that is the key that has brought upon me this dead mind-ghost
and he was me...
breathing through shells of perdition

This life I now live, is rather a lack of living:
it is a continous dying, if with You I do not make my living
Listen, my God, to what I say: I do not want this life of mine:
For I die because I do not die.
San Juan DE LA Cruz: not living in myself I live, line 11-17.

I can not breathe in thee, incarnated human...
the bleak presence of an old murder... remains a key of torture
The irony of Osiris, turning Samsaras wheel to my disfortune
Why, why was a spirit this old incarnated,
along such a depraved personality?

3. The Constant Descent of Seraphim

The circle of Leviathan is broken
an ageless principle of cathartic darkness
that turns justice into spiritual tyranny
...and restores the balance through a justified torture!
suffering in excess, they say...
But how can these lives be worthy even a single breath,
when the harlots are are blind to this revelation open for all eyes to see?

woe unto all ye, whores to the flesh, for the heart of Leviathan is healing
pulsating in destroying rhythm, in constant penetration of the worlds
from the heights of the left pillar, descending in sacrosanct wrath
becoming the bane of all merciful sins,
smashing the chains, again and again, in the face of a whore!

There will be new blood, rushing forth through the veins of the fallen Eden,
streams of dark Water, cleansing the filth...

Oh, most holy bringer of fear!
Thy punishments are righteous...
The Deaths spread by the many arms of Severity...
are Holy!

The temple of Fear has risen in this world, and yet you fail to see...
that the works of Death are shining with brilliance
that the tension between - and - is the divine, natural law
that the serpent is a key to equilibrium
and thereby to the path that shall give me the bliss of perfect silence

4. The Illumination of Job

There are weepings and sighs in the distance
reminders of those who fell into the Deep
an Abyss once living and dead
four rivers cutting through a timeless mystery
the path that is the barren and abandoned paradise
where the waters are but poison, and everything is destroyed
I walked with the inner voice

at the end of the fallen desert
the spine of the worlds split to form hell anew
and the moment was separated from time
the sight became fourfold therein
revelation entangled in revelation
and I beheld... an abandoned, bleak house
in the mist of the Darkness, levitating through a higher Will,
staring through the mirror
that revealed the Face that stores all Death within

...and a path devoured itself from a ll sides
unveiled forgotten words
I beheld the illumination of Job
before the entrance to the brightest Darkness
the moment separated from time
every aspect of the self utterly destroyed

5. Rebirth in the Sterile Triad of Six

Before the outpouring of transient worlds
the Vast Darkness was in Itself
He was not, and I in Him
in a rest of perfect Darkness

Still-born existence, rejoicing in a pitch-black womb
Death was yet to deliver this child

Before the Great Sea overflowed... when the pillars collided
the Vast Darkness in Itself
in a paradox existence, where the creative principle are of Itself
a lidless eye opened Itself in the emptiness - Death fell
...yet there is hope for all...

the still-born spirit rests with Gods
in a Sterile Triad, before the ' joins -
in deathless Death, that life has not yet touched
redemption is delivered, through the bliss of the Lord

He was not, and none in Him... in a rest of perfect Darkness
still-born worlds, once potent in pitch black womb
Death delivers the child

6. Supplication for the Demise of All: Withdrawal into the Lifeless Sanctum

The spirit can not die in anything but in Thee
Therefore I implore Thee in prayer
for everything must be destroyed so that You can live, that I can live
Oh, God of the perfect black, how could I possibly describe in words,
the awe and worship I feel for Thee?

The serpent of time withdrawn through Thee
the fountain of living water reversed
It becomes the mouth of spiritual Death
The last motion completes Itself, brought into being
when the breath of Chaos releases the central point

The spirit can not die in anything but Thee
Yea, above all thing Thou art!
And everything becomes Thee,
yes, everything dies in Thee!
For Thou art the channel of Thyself.
There lies the redemption of Death fullfilled
There is the salvation and final release

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