Mournful Congregation
Concrescence of the Sophia

1. Concrescence Of The Sophia

Equilibrium shatter'd, in momentous disarray
Formulation of all texts and knowing
Concrescence of begining to end
Quashed with insensate effortlessness

SAPIENTIA - the wisdom through all nature
SOPHIA - the nature of all wisdom

(Out of the mists, emerges the logos
Reaching the density of all matter)

The weight of all waters
And the mass of all stars

SAPIENTIA - the wisdom through all nature
SOPHIA - the nature of all wisdom

Languorous and leaden landscapes - portraiture of ashen lustre
Impermanent and incarnadine - seas will rise to claim your sins
Floating wraith-like tirelessly wakeful - ethereal revelation

Precious reliquaries
Unglorified in the eyes of the prophet
Supine asylum
Repository of all unjudged follies

Richest brocades drapes gold-laced statues
Each silver thread resonating a sorrow passed
A mistaken way for mere men to tread
Immense columns engraved with sin

SIlent galleries
Emerging from the face of the deep
The thread of Ariadne
Teaching men through the stones that speak

All life's deeds, amassed and amiss
Akashic luminosity, beheld in horror
We are eternal by nature
Yet it is only in death we nurture

Final murmur of primeval differentiation
The outward span will spiral to chaos
As perfection petrifies and splinters in flame

And the concrescence of the trinity
Will be singular finality
Returning to ultimate equilibrium
To sleep again in the womb of eternity

"The eternal parent wrapped in her invisible robes had slumbered once again for seven eternities
Time was not, for it lay asleep in the infinite bosom of duration.
Universal mind was not, for there were no dragons of wisdom to contain it.
The seven ways to bliss were not. The great causes of misery were not,
for there was none to produce and get ensnared by them."
[from The Book of Dzyan]

.....until the first utterance once again shatters the perfection of dawn.....

2. Silence Of The Passed

Thy vessel emptied
No longer this temple a master
Through blood relieved
Is soul retrieved

Immanence of eternity
False promise of mythologies
Majesty of infinity
Illusion from the prayers of fools

Silence overwhelms those meagre voices
Felled by the rayless sun
The voice of the deep speaks no more
Silence, but for the cries in eternal sleep

Harbinger of the profane
A torment unto thyself
Herald to impending pain
....Life truely is in vain

Damon Good — Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Justin Hartwig — Guitars
Ben Newsome — Bass

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