Mournful Congregation
The Dawning of Mournful Hymns

1. Fading Light Of A Dying Sun

As the sun goes down and darkness arrives
My mind flees from fear of death
Suicide has taken so many lives
I am at the stage where I cannot decide
To take my life or to go on living
Is this a sin please tell me God
I mourn at the thought of my loved ones death
It seems that there is nothing left for me
Suicide remains an option inside
I do not know whether I should be dead
I only wish that God would answer my prayers
Grief, pain, torture and death
Are the only feelings I know
Living is now called pain to me
Love is lost in my memory
I am now forced to feel sorrow
Will I last to see tomorrow
I am waiting for a change in this abnormal life
Will it come and will I survive
If I commit suicide I cannot be sure
If I will end up in heaven or hell
As the darkness fades and I see the first rays of light
Another day of misery is all that is ahead of me

2. Astralic Dreams

My candle burns through
As I awaken from my astralic dreams
Seems like years have passed by

And now I write
I have found the ability within myself
To be able to portray the future

The visions I have witnessed
Enlighten all my thoughts on life
There is still much yet to be discovered
I dreamt of floating across seas
As faint winds carried me
Higher and higher
Until I reach the astral plane

3. Weeping

4. Suffer The Storms

Tied to a wooden stake
Left in the forest to dies
Struggling to break free
Thoughts of my life passing by

The howl of a nearby wolf
Echoes carried in the winds
My shivering beaten body hoping
Praying to my gods for I have sinned

The thunderous storms of the impure gods
Throw me into neverending solitude
In which my soul is forever tormented
By the damned in the pits of Acheron

5. Heads Bowed

...Heads Bowed...
A moment of bitterness overcomes me
The object is there but I am not ready
The spirits are whispering waiting to engulf me
Mesmerising chimes distant and abstracted

...The Descent...
I enhance the object of stone, a statue
Concentrating my mind on this point
Rising towards the spirits, the chimes intensify
I am following the quabalistic tree

The endless images of forthcoming tranquility
Prosperity is mine as I inhabit the skies
Day is night and time is nonexistent
I am not in my own forever...

6. Miriam

7. An Epic Dream Of Desire

Dusk has arrived and we are all lonely
Gardens stand still like stone
We look to the clouds for they form epic pictures
Meaningful to some, meaningless to others

The earth stands still, the air is silent
We all dream together, yet we are all alone
The world is a lonely place, for all to pity our existence
Our minds in a maze, we do not know where to go from here

We share the pain, we feel the sorrow
This dismal place in which we stand
Becomes our kingdom of cold stone
A place for all to dream eternally

8. Skyward Gaze, Earthward Touch

Sensations of immaculate thought
Dwell once more within
The mountains lower heavenwards
For so long they have watched the earth

They know the secrets of life
They know that which we may never learn

Beneath endless sky is where I lay
The autumn leaves float dreamingly towards me
As I drift off to the clouds above
I forget my earthbound being

Distant cellos play music that brings me to tears
While the breeze carries a whisper
That sounds to me like an ancient chant
Guiding me and awakening the knowledge within

From here I am divinity
A bearer of the sacred knowledge

9. Remembrance Of The Transcending Moon

A mountain of harmony peaking with vibrance
In the firmament of non-being
Gathering mist and drawing mystic essence
And bleeding its golden blood

Remembrance of the transcending moon
Pakle, tranquil, distand...
And further...

Dejected life force enflaming the venlif act
Of the downward stream
Currents pulsate in an everflowing interchanging aura
Dissipating humanic awe

10. Empirical Choirs

The voice of a choir, echoes unto me
With resplendence, a passage of moonlight
Trickles slowly across the forest floor
Through many branches, reaching out to the stars
I gaze, I wander through the vastness
Of the nightshade, desiring nothing
A journey of darkening begins
Innermost pleasures must cease
Forbearers behold
Our divine descent hath turned
And the retrieval of purity
Within my heart shall become

11. Tears From A Grieving Heart

Like tears from a grieving heart
We flow to the deepest depths
Every crevice is filled
With memories of depression
A sea on earth is a sea of tears
Forever being added to
For mankind to drown in
The shards of shattered hope
Forever reincarnated
As our souls reliving the turmoil
Once again cry out
As blood flows from the heart
So to does depression
Understanding only comes at death
Not before
We watch from their eyes
As they fade into eternity
Beneath is where they lay
Their knowledgeable smirks devour us

12. Opal Of The Stream Beneath The Hills

It was and shall ever remain
As distant as the stars
For the darker planes and us
Lie and sin embrace beauty
Together and alone are one
Of hope and destiny

Foretold of the symbol
Brought forth by wings
And carried to the land
Beneath the hills

Its opaque vibrations
Mesmerize and reveal
A reflection of heaven

Those prophetic ones
Standing amongst age old trees
And their monuments
So great is the power
Those ancient woods shall prevail

13. Elemental

14. The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike

You shall be cast down
Before even dreams were dreamt of
There existed misery
Epitome of gods and men alike
Tormented as they struggled
Amidst chaos, twisted beings did mesh as one
Not yet beyond the veil
To be as waxen idols...
Crafted with the blackest hand of matter
Birthed was the unseeing eye
Divinity renamed....
Silence the unhearer
Burden thy path not more
Shade the beacon light
Keep hidden from ones
Whom seek not paths of worth
Drink the Soma
Vision the white lotus
Seated upon the thousandth petal
Crucified to the days of three
Emerge, open thy eye
View the innate and dream the dream
Behold the nirvanic temple...

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